The actor and pianist Mario Marzo apologizes after laughingly saying that his son was ‘bullied’

The actor and pianist Mario Marzo apologizes after laughingly saying that his son was ‘bullied’
The actor and pianist Mario Marzo apologizes after laughingly saying that his son was ‘bullied’
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The actor, pianist and influencer Mario Marzo, who rose to fame with his participation in the series The protectedhas lived these last days an intense controversy. Through her podcast she told an anecdote starring her son in a park, which aroused enormous displeasure among a multitude of people on social networks both for its content and its tone.

In the extract from the podcast, which has been shared by several He was five years old and seemed to have some kind of socialization problems or difficulties. It is then that the actor says, without stopping laughing, that one of his children, barely a year or so old, began to “do bullying to that child.

According to his story, He took the shovel away from the boy repeatedly, until he started screaming.. Mario Marzo has been overwhelmed by the reaction online from numerous people who have felt outraged by the mocking tone with which he tells this story, although the actor has tried to defend and explain himself, and has publicly apologized for this episode.

Mario Marzo’s apologies

Given the ferocity of the criticism received, Mario Marzo has made up to three apology posts, in addition to answering those of other users to show his explanations and clarifications. He influencer He regretted that they took that fragment without giving the full context of the story he told, and has assured that he did tell his son that “that is not done”, in addition to denying that the other child was autistic, as other users indicated. Even so, He has acknowledged that what he said “is impossible to defend” and that it makes him “very ashamed”.

“I am ashamed of the forms, I am ashamed of the message, I am very ashamed of having a speaker like the one I have and having communicated a message like that,” and he states that “I want to apologize for my words and for the damage they have caused.“.

In another later video, he goes into more detail about the details of the controversy and, although he says he does not want to justify the things he said, he tries to explain himself by assuring that “at no time was there bullying“really, but”a huge mistake on my part in the way I told the story“. As he says, in reality what there was was “a normal, even endearing, interaction between two children”, but he told it so poorly that “there is no way to take it”, recognizing his clumsiness and lack of tact in that podcast intervention.

He then also regrets how far some of his most ardent detractors have taken the matter, ensuring that as a result of this story His relatives have received death threats, and that parents of other children have approached theirs to tell them that they will never play with them. “All of this seems just as wrong to me as the mistake I made in the way I told the story.“says Mario Marzo.

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