Good balance of Global Big Day

Good balance of Global Big Day
Good balance of Global Big Day

Colombia continues to confirm itself as the country with the largest number of bird species in the world. Hence the good balance of last Saturday’s day in which observers, ornithologists and amateurs came together to sight, photograph and record species in urban and rural areas throughout the national territory.

Global Big Day 2024, an event organized by the Ornithology Laboratory of Cornell University, in the United States, included the participation in Colombia of volunteers, groups, organizations, foundations and academic centers, all actors associated with avitourism.

In addition, there was support from communities of watchers and students from Tourism Friendly Schools, in the municipalities of Acacías (Meta), Leticia (Amazonas), Santa Marta (Magdalena), Santa Rosa (Cauca), Tierralta (Córdoba) and Villagarzón (Putumayo).

As is known, our country has the largest number of birds in the world, with 1,968 species, that is, 20% of the global total, according to WWF. The objective of the day was to record the greatest number of photographs on the Merlín and eBird platforms, provided by the aforementioned university.

According to Mincomercio, since the beginning of this global count, in 2015, Colombia has stood out in the Global Big Day, occupying first place repeatedly since 2017, except for 2021. The figures speak for themselves: in 2017, 1,487 species were recorded, in 2018 They increased to 1,565 and in 2019, to 1,617. Although there was a slight decrease in 2020, with 1,453 species, Colombia recovered in 2022 with 1,561 and in 2023 with 1,547 species recorded.

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