Waiting for Godot (and SIAPA)

Waiting for Godot (and SIAPA)
Waiting for Godot (and SIAPA)

On Saturday I went to get sharp. My hairdresser Leslie told me that she has not had water in Talpita for two weeks. I asked her what she did in those cases: “Nothing. Nothing can be done”. I refused to believe it. So I put SIAPA to the test and asked him for a pipe.

Reports of shortages grew in the last month. It has been documented by water specialist Daniel Sánchez Tapetillo in X (@JSTapetillo). In the search engine of that social network I counted an average of one complaint per minute (71 in total) from eight to nine in the morning on Sunday.

Last Thursday, Enrique Alfaro blamed the CFE for the water shortage in the city – he did not specify the neighborhoods or those affected. Due to the instability of the electrical system, he justified, two transformers of the Chapala-Guadalajara aqueduct thundered.

The president promised to normalize the service “gradually in the next few hours” (those “next few hours” gradually add up to almost six years). They barely reported that CFE and SIAPA had repaired the pumps when they thundered again, according to the state government. And then again.

Alfaro asked “not to politicize” the issue. The problem, he said, is not related to the low level of the Calderón Dam, which in 2021 caused drilling in 200 neighborhoods and affected one million users. But waters (what irony). If the governor asks to “not politicize” an issue: he is politicizing it.

Leslie explained to me that she does not have water because “the pump that brings water from Chapala thundered” because of CFE. I made her see that that was four days ago and she has been without water for 15 days. This represents political management of the crisis by the governor to blame the federal government.

If you doubt the political-electoral management, read the message in X from Hugo Luna, chief of staff, pointing out that “Morena’s irresponsibility in the Government affects us all!” There is a technical problem, yes, but the diagnosis of it is political. We do not know where each begins and ends.

Is the failure really the fault of the CFE blackouts? Did an expert report determine it? Does lack of maintenance have anything to do with it? Does the Government lack electrical backup systems? Would a governor who “resolved the water supply for 50 years” accept that he was wrong?

But let’s leave the political spheres. While we wait for “the second coming of SIAPA” let’s go down to the ground. What can Leslie and thousands of citizens do without water? The president said that in the face of this crisis he instructed SIAPA to provide pipes to those affected.

“Are you going to pull your influences or what?” Leslie challenged me. She is a French Tijuana native. Before suggesting that he order a pipe I checked for myself (I have experienced some disappointments). I called Siapatel 33 36 68 24 82 widely advertised on official channels.
After 26 minutes of listening to intermittent beeping they hung up on me. I tried again with the same result. In X, among the complaints about water shortages, there are complaints about the pipe service (SIAPA Inception). Did the telephone service system also go down because of the CFE?

One user complained that she was promised a pipe within 24 hours, but after a year the pipe has still not arrived. Many users said that Siapatel simply made them wait and hung up on them. Do you rest on Sunday? Or was Leslie just right?

SIAPA not only cuts off your water. He also cuts your call.

“Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett is an emblematic work of the theater of the absurd. It tells the story of Vladimir and Estragon waiting for Godot, a character who never appears. Hope is a death trap: we all wait for Godot. And to SIAPA.


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