Don Day: “I was very excited about the news of being a dad”

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Diego Álvarez, known as Don Day, revealed that his girlfriend, the Salvadoran Elizabeth Caderlost the baby they were expecting together.

Through a story on his Instagram account, the actor announced the news to his followers.

Days ago, Don Day and his girlfriend had announced that they were expecting a babysomething that had filled them with great excitement, as they announced at the time.

However, this May 12, he published an emotional message regretting what happened.

“I was very excited about the news of being a dad, only I knew what I felt, only I knew what I wanted and today God tells me that I have to keep waiting, no matter how much it hurts I take it as a ‘keep preparing, keep changing and correcting,’” he wrote.

“I won’t be a dad anymore. Father give us strength at this moment. I know that you have a plan for us, I only ask that you give us strength to move forward,” he added.

This publication was shared by Cáder on his Instagram account, without further details of what happened having been revealed so far.

The couple did not reveal how many weeks pregnant the former participant of The Power of Love was.

The messages of solidarity from the followers of both did not wait.

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