Irene Urdangarin returns to Madrid from Cambodia

Irene Urdangarinthe youngest daughter of Infanta Cristina and the former handball player Iñaki Urdangarin, has made a decision that has left everyone speechless. The 21-year-old girl, who had undertaken a trip to Cambodia to volunteer, has decided to interrupt this experience and return to Spain. The news has generated endless speculation.

Everything indicated that the volunteer experience in Cambodia would be an enriching time for Irene, known for her adventurous spirit and her desire to help others. However, according to recent reports, the reality has been different. Irene has decided to leave Cambodia and return to Spain, a move that has surprised many and has left a question in the air: why?

The reasons for his return

Sources close to the family have revealed some details that could shed light on this decision. Apparently, Irene failed to obtain the enough note in his studies to access the university he had in mind. This academic setback could have significantly influenced his decision to change course. But there is more.

It is said that Irene intends to settle in Madrid. The reason? Her boyfriend, Juan Urquijobrother of Teresa Urquijo and brother-in-law of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. The proximity to his partner could have been a determining factor in his choice to return to Spain and take up residence in the capital.

Juan Urquijo, brother of Teresa Urquijo and partner of Irene Urdangarin


A young woman with determination

Described as an excellent student and a talented and determined young woman, Irene is no stranger to challenges. Although her experience in Cambodia has been brief, it will undoubtedly have provided her with valuable learnings and unique perspectives on the world. However, her plans have taken an unexpected turn, and she now faces a new stage in her life in her native country.

Irene’s decision to return to Spain and settle in Madrid has sparked great interest. The press and the public closely follow every step of the members of the Spanish royal family, and this movement has not gone unnoticed. It is expected that in the coming days more details will be known about her future plans and how she will carry out this new phase.

Irene Urdangarin returns to Spain after a short season in Cambodia

Irene Urdangarin returns to Spain after a short season in Cambodia


What does the future hold for Irene Urdangarin in Madrid? For now, the young woman is expected to take some time to rearrange your plans academic and personal. Being close to her boyfriend Juan de ella could offer her the emotional support necessary to face this new stage with strength and determination.

The story of Irene Urdangarin It’s a reminder that, even for royals, life is full of unexpected turns. His decision to return to Spain and settle in Madrid marks the beginning of a new chapter that we will follow with interest.

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