The provincial government guarantees the continuity of works to complete the Gran Santa Fe Gasduct

The provincial government guarantees the continuity of works to complete the Gran Santa Fe Gasduct
The provincial government guarantees the continuity of works to complete the Gran Santa Fe Gasduct

Tuesday 14.5.2024


Last update 19:52

The provincial government, through Enerfe, signed the agreement with the Víctor Contreras – Semisa UTE to advance the final part of the laying of the Gran Santa Fe or Metropolitano gas pipeline, with the aim of completing the work in April 2025.

The respective agreement was signed yesterday in the city of Buenos Aires between the president of Enerfe, Rodolfo Giacosa, and the representatives of the construction companies that were awarded the laying of the gas pipeline that will benefit some 100,000 users, representing more than 250,000 inhabitants. in the towns of Santa Fe, Esperanza, Recreo, Monte Vera, San José del Rincón, Arroyo Aguiar, Arroyo Leyes and Angel Gallardo. The line will also reach some 7,000 industries and businesses and 1,600 institutions that today do not have the opportunity to have natural gas through the network.

The negotiation between Enerfe and the construction companies involved debts due to non-payment since June 2023 plus price redeterminations and is for 1,088 million, Giacosa told El Litoral.

The work will not only provide service to people who did not have it, but also aims to promote the generation of new industries with the consequent increase in labor demand for a large area of ​​the La Capital department. The key point of the laying and of great visual impact was the passage under the Setubal lagoon. In any case, several key steps still remain, including under Circunvalación Avenue – National Route 11 – and even carrying pipes from San José del Rincón to Arroyo Leyes.

“The work itself was not paralyzed because the companies were working in workshops to build equipment for connection to the main gas pipeline, pressure reduction, lifting stations and other equipment”, explained Giacosa who did admit the paralysis on the construction fronts. The consultation with Enerfe arose as a result of concerns from El Litoral readers who sent photographs of pipes waiting to be buried in the Arroyo Aguiar and Monte Vera areas. Cathodic protection of the pipes was carried out last month, the official said.

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The signing of the contract produced yesterday involves completing 1,800 meters of laying in seven different points to have all the pipes connected. In addition to crossing the western ring road, the crossing of provincial route 2 and the laying of the defense embankment in the coastal area are also pending.

The Gran Santa Fe gas pipeline will take natural gas from the GNEA at the height of Esperanza and will pass south of Recreo and Monte Vera almost on the border with the city of Santa Fe, which will be able to add northern neighborhoods to the system. From Monte Vera an extension is planned to Arroyo Aguiar while from the brand new city it will go below Setúbal to San José del Rincón and Arroyo Leyes.


The Greater Santa Fe gas pipeline has sufficient flows planned to facilitate the installation of new CNG stations. In addition, by reinforcing the supply of natural gas available in the north of the city of Santa Fe, it will facilitate the installation of new CNG stations in this way.

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