District will accompany with managers strike of taxi drivers in Bogotá

The Government Secretariat, through its team from the Undersecretariat for Governance and Guarantee of Rights, is prepared, as are the entities that are part of risk management in the city, such as the Secretariats of Security and Mobility, and its traffic teams, Metropolitan Police – MEBOG, Idiger, Firefighters, among other willing actors, to attend to the cessation of activities announced by the taxi drivers union.

This mobilization is planned through caravans, rallies and sit-ins at various strategic points in the city, including the Portal Norte, Portal Suba, Avenida El Dorado with Avenida Ciudad de Cali, Terminal Salitre – Carlos Lleras, Movistar Arena – Biblioteca Virgilio Barco , Roof, Portal Tunal, Américas, Terminal del Sur – Portal Sur and Mall Plaza. Sit-ins will also be held in Plaza de Bolívar and in front of the Ministry of Transportation, thus expressing their concerns and demands related to their work activity.

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“We have held meetings with taxi drivers’ unions, listening to their doubts, concerns and disagreements with their activity. We will always guarantee peaceful protest and will accompany the mobilization throughout the day. For the Capital District, social dialogue is key in any mobilization process,” stated the Secretary of Government, Gustavo Quintero Ardila.

Given these mobilizations of taxi drivers, the District Administration informs citizens about the resources and measures that will be taken to guarantee mobility:

  • PMU installation from 4:00 am

  • 146 mobility units.

  • 36 cranes.

  • More than 50 SDG Dialogue managers.

  • Available transit and MEBOG units at the different concentration points.

  • Transmilenio articulated to attend to the permanent flow of arrival of national and international flights.

    international at the airport and in the Transportation Terminal.

  • Ambulances located at strategic points.

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In addition:

  • It will not be allowed to block the exclusive Transmilenio lane, nor limit the mobility of citizens who do not participate in the day.

  • Any attack on drivers or vehicles will be cause for intervention by the authorities.

  • Obstruction of the mobility of school routes or emergency services, such as ambulances or fire trucks, will not be tolerated.

The District and the Public Ministry will escalate the protesters’ requests to the national level if dialogue tables are required. as an unlocking mechanism.

All people are urged to always maintain dialogue, never violence.

Citizens in general are invited to inform themselves through official channels about the measures taken and the resources available.

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