Triple A wrestler retires from wrestling to fulfill a dream

The Triple A women’s figure, Lady Shani, surprised her followers after announcing that she will leave the ring for some time to prioritize her personal life.

(Photo: Instagram)

For a little over a year now, “The Tibetan Queen” has dedicated herself to other activities outside of wrestling, one of them was getting married to personal trainer Diego Cruz, whom she even helped organize a bodybuilding tournament.

It was through a video and her official social networks that the fighter announced that she will soon be a mother, so this beautiful process will actively keep her away from the arenas.

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With a photo in which she and her husband show the image of their baby’s ultrasound, Lady Shani wrote the following message to her loyal followers.

(Photo: Instagram)

“Infinite thanks to all the public for everything we have achieved together, I am happy and infinitely grateful for your support and affection throughout all these years, for your effort to come see me, for your applause and for teaching me that “dreams come true.”

“I feel Honored by the admiration of all the little girls, boys and young people who have accompanied me to the ring and bless me for every battle.”

“I have always kept in mind that I should never stop preparing and that at any moment God or destiny will give me the most important fight, which will also give meaning and fulfillment to my life.”

“Now I want to share with you and ask you to accompany me as you have done all these years to pursue a new dream, life is giving me what will be my most important fight, the one that I must carry out with all my love, all my energy and my time and what will be my greatest motivation when I return.”

“I will leave this beautiful sport that has given me everything and that is my life for a while to dedicate that time to a new life.”

“Thank you for all your support, thanks to my Lucha Libre Triple A house, I love you very much and we will see you very soon.”

Her last great triumph occurred last February when she took over the King of Kings Tournament, defeating the most important gladiators of her Triple A house, to which she promises to return.

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