“He experienced permanent harassment” — RadioActiva 92.5

Win or Serve?the new reality show on Channel 13, is weeks out of date in its transmission, which is why various entries, exits and controversies have been leaked.

In this sense, it was recently revealed that a well-known and controversial participant is going through a difficult time after leaving confinement.

We refer to Mariela Sotomayorwho according to Sergio Maraboli, “Follow me” panelist, has been in Santiago since Thursday.

It should be noted that the entertainment journalist did not want to talk about the issue with Marabolí. However, those close to her told her that her departure from Win or Serve? It was due to an injury to the tailbone area.

In any case, this would not be all, since Marabolí also revealed that Mariela Sotomayor I would be going through a difficult time.

They reveal that Mariela Sotomayor is going through a difficult time after leaving Win or Serve?

Mariela Sotomayor had several conflicts with Camila Recabarren in Win or Serve?, which would have affected him considerably, according to Sergio Marabolí.

The entertainment journalist would be going through a difficult time. She would even be receiving psychological treatment «since he experienced permanent harassment from Camila Recabarren”, said the panelist of the TV+ program.

«The situation would have escalated even more, so much so that Mariela Sotomayor on several occasions would have asked the production to intervene, so that Camila Recabarren “stop bothering her,” he added.

It should be noted that the entertainment journalist also participated in various discussions with Blue Mary and Faloon Larraguibel during his time Win or Serve?

In this way, after leaving confinement, the journalist would be receiving psychological support to be able to overcome everything that happened in the Channel 13 reality show. An experience with a large number of conflicts and controversies that are causing people to talk every day.

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