NASA appoints first director of artificial intelligence – El Democrata

NASA appoints first director of artificial intelligence – El Democrata
NASA appoints first director of artificial intelligence – El Democrata

The American Space Agency (NASA) announced the appointment of David Salvagnini as its first director artificial intelligence (AI), a significant step to align the strategic vision and planning of the use of this innovative technology.

This new position responds to a executive order of President Joe Biden’s administration, which urges all federal agencies to create the position of chief AI officer for the safe development and use of this cutting-edge technology.

NASA highlighted that a variety of AI tools have been used for decades to benefit humanitysupported missions and research projects, in which they analyzed data to identify trends and patterns, as well as develop autonomous systems to support aircraft.

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David Salvagnini, who joined NASA in 2023 as chief data officer, takes on this new responsibility to accelerate the pace of discoveries using AI. With more than 20 years of experience in technological leadership in the intelligence sector and a history of 21 years of service in the US Air ForceSalvagnini brings valuable perspective to this position.

NASA emphasized the importance of stay ahead in the advancement and responsible use of artificial intelligence. You will collaborate with other government agencies, experts, industry partners and academic institutions to maximize profits of this technology in its objectives and missions.

Among the possibilities that open up with this designation are the communications programming of the explorer Mars ‘Perseverance’ and the search for data on planets outside the solar system, demonstrating the potential of AI to improve our exploration and discovery capabilities in space.

Previously, NASA’s chief scientist and senior climate advisor, Kate Calvinwas the agency’s interim head of AI, until the official appointment of David Salvagnini.

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