Once again Ana Gabriel expresses her firm position of not singing in Venezuela (+Video)

Once again Ana Gabriel expresses her firm position of not singing in Venezuela (+Video)
Once again Ana Gabriel expresses her firm position of not singing in Venezuela (+Video)

The Mexican singer and businesswoman Ana Gabriel held a tremendous concert last week at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she delighted her audience with her greatest hits. During the show, the performer was impressed by the number of Venezuelan audiences that were in the venue, so I do not hesitate to share a few words with you.

Ana Gabriel says no to Venezuela

A video of the creator of great hits such as “Ay amor”, “Mi talismán”, “Soy como quese ser”, “Andhere I am”, among others, has been posted on social networks, expressing her disagreement to the public. with certain policies that countries like Cuba and Venezuela managestating that he will not sing in them again.

“I have not returned to Venezuela or Cuba, I do not want to return, it seems very unfair to me to sing in a country that is as it is. And it’s not that I don’t love Cubans and Venezuelans, on the contrary, thank you for helping me exist, because the love inside and out will be forever.” This is what the 68-year-old star can be understood to say.

It is not the first time that Ana Gabriel has expressed her firm position on the aforementioned countries in her shows, which has generated a lot of debate on social networks, due to the responses she has received, among them from the Venezuelan singer and businessman Omar Enrique.

Statements by Omar Enrique

Last week, the well-known “ of Merengue” revealed in an interview for the Globovisión podcast that if artists like Don Omar, Arcángel and Ana Gabriel publicly apologize for the comments they have made against Venezuela, they can return without problems to reunite with him. Creole public, like in the old days.

“I tell you responsibly, if those artists apologize on social networks and apologize to the government of Venezuela, for all the stupidity and all the crazy things they have said, I will bring them myself, I will pay for the show and I will bring them,” he asserted.

These statements aroused the annoyance of Don Omar who responded online to the native of the state of Zulia. “Venezuela does not need more concerts, and since reading helps to remove the grossness, here in the comments I leave you the opinion of all Venezuelans who are clear that what I say is totally true. Long live Venezuela”wrote.

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