Trump’s former right-hand man admits that “I would like to see him in jail”

Monday was the day when Cohen, the former ‘right hand’ of Donald Trump, He settled scores (once again) with his former boss. Tuesday was payback time for Trump’s lawyers. Todd Blanche, The head of the former president’s legal team and now candidate again started along that line from the moment he took the floor by asking Cohen, directly, if he was “obsessed” with Trump and now motivated by a desire for revenge. The answer: “Yes I’d like to [verlo en la cárcel]. I would like to see them take responsibility. “It’s not for me, it’s for this jury or this court.”

Blanche spared no details about the insults Cohen has directed at Trump, including “cartoon bad guy with a face the color of Cheetos,” in reference to well-known snacks, and, less jokingly, “trash dictator”. They are insults only comparable to those he usually directs at his enemies – real or imaginary – Trump himself, who, indifferent to the judicial process, fell asleep again during the session, this time with his mouth visibly open. It is the third time in two and a half weeks of the trial that the accused takes advantage of the sessions to take a nap.

Taking advantage of Cohen’s past to attack his credibility was the expected strategy of Trump’s lawyers. The reaction of the witness was also expected, to admit her guilt and make public contrition after spending three years in prison for hiding from the Treasury and the electoral authorities the payment of 130,000 dollars (120,000 euros) to the porn actress. Stormy Daniels in exchange for her not talking about the sexual relationship she had with the president in 2006.

Shortly before, Cohen had detailed how he had hidden from the Treasury and the Federal Commission, with the help of the financial director of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg – in jail for tax fraud – that the payments to Daniels had been for her silence. Instead, the money was recorded as part of Cohen’s bill for providing legal services to the then-president. “Were those invoices fake?” the prosecutor asked. Susan Hoffinger. “Yes, ma’am,” was Cohen’s response.

Trump’s former advisor explained how, as the legal fence began to tighten around him, Trump stopped contacting him, with a last message that concluded with a phrase that may, perhaps, bring back memories of another boss to the Spanish reader. of Government, on this occasion Mariano Rajoy, who addressed the same words to the former treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas: “Be strong.”

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