Relentless assault by Trump’s defense on Michael Cohen, star witness against the former president

Relentless assault by Trump’s defense on Michael Cohen, star witness against the former president
Relentless assault by Trump’s defense on Michael Cohen, star witness against the former president

The eight hours that Michael Cohen He spent Monday and Tuesday testifying at the criminal trial against Donald Trump under questions of the prosecutor Susan Hoffinger were a custom made ride both the former lawyer and “getter” of Trump as well as of the prosecutor’s office, which he has accused 34 charges to the former president and de facto Republican candidate for November for falsifying documents to hide the payment to silence Stormy Daniels before the 2016 elections. As expected, everything changed when it was Todd Blanche’s turn to question Cohen, the lead defense attorney, who opened a relentless assault on his character and his credibility.

Among the first questions that the lawyer asked Cohen was if he remembered having defined him in a message on TikTok last month, with the trial already underway, as “a cry shit” and Trump as “a imbecile dictator” that “he had to be in a cage like an animal.” “It sounds like something I would say,” Cohen replied in both cases, provoking laughter between journalists and some smile between members of the jury and even one of Trump’s lawyers.

Cohen maintained the serious and calm countenance and tone, at times combative, but not defiant with Blanche, but the lawyer’s line of attack was clear. Because there began an interrogation that, just as happened with the defense of Daniels, tries to portray Cohen as someone “liar” (convicted among other things of contempt of Congress and tax evasion), who is exploiting the historic case for his financial benefit and who seeks revenge on Trump (with whom the lawyer claims he was “obsessed,” to which Cohen has replied that “then I was to the limit in the cult of Trump“).

Cohen doesn’t have everything going for him. Over the past six years, since he began testifying against Trump, He has spoken countless times and in a colorful way about the case and the former boss for whom one day he felt devotion, both in interviews and on social networks, in his two books or in his two podcasts. As he has had to admit forced by Blanche’s questions, On several occasions the prosecution has asked him to stop doing it.

“Be strong”

The afternoon session was the opposite of what had been seen before the lunch break. Because Cohen had spent more than three and a half hours continuing for the prosecution the story he began on Monday. That narrative has gone through a Oval Office meeting with Trump and Allen Weisselbergfinancial advisor to the Trump Organization, where he assures that the then president gave the green light to the scheme to reimburse the payment to Daniels who is at the center of this case.

He has also made an extensive journey about how a relationship of absolute dedication to Trump that turned into one of abandonment and confrontation. And that story has caused messages to resonate in room 1530 of the Supreme Court of New York County that for any Spaniard have direct echoes of that “Luis, be strong” that Mariano Rajoy sent an SMS to Bárcenas. In the American case, Cohen has recalled a call he had with Trump in April 2018 after the FBI had arrived with a search warrant at the room where he was then staying in New York and had seized his two mobile phones. , your electronic devices and documents.

In that phone conversation, according to Cohen, Trump told him; “Don’t worry. I am the president of the United States. Everything is going to be fine. “Stay strong.” That led the then-lawyer to trust that he was “protected” as long as he stayed “in the Trump camp.” And messages of support from the then president also came in the form of messages on Twitter (now X).

That would be, however, the last direct conversation between them, as Cohen said. The following were already through intermediaries, including Robert Costello, a lawyer linked to Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York who is an ally of Trump, who offered to function as a communication channel with the intermediary. “Sleep well tonight, you have friends in high places.”

When Cohen finally He decided “that he would no longer lie for Trump,” As he said, after his wife and children reminded him that he owed them more loyalty than the president, and he agreed to plead guilty to the charges he faced, Trump publicly turned against them. And in a message in August 2018 on Twitter, the Republican accused him of having “broken” and of “invent stories” to get a plea deal.

The trial is nearing its end

Nobody can know yet Which of Cohen’s portraits will have the most impact on the popular jury of seven men and five women (and one Spanish among the six substitutes) who must decide if Trump is guilty or innocent. And the The moment for that decision is getting closer. The defense has told Judge Juan Merchan that it hopes to continue with Cohen’s interrogation on Thursday (there is no session on Wednesdays and There will be no session this Friday either.when Trump will go to the graduation of his son Barron), but after him the prosecution will no longer call any more witnesses. It remains to be seen if Trump’s defense calls anyone, or the former president himself (unlikely), and by the beginning of the week the presentation of final arguments and deliberation.

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