Real Madrid-Alavs: Ancelotti: “The ball is in love with Arda Gler

Real Madrid-Alavs: Ancelotti: “The ball is in love with Arda Gler
Real Madrid-Alavs: Ancelotti: “The ball is in love with Arda Gler

ORn game left real Madrid to close the League at home, Betis. He only has that appointment left to lock up a season without defeats at home. Carlo Ancelotti He has just stopped by the Bernabu press room to analyze the duel with Alavs, a match that extends his team’s winning streak in the League to nine.

A small team: “I think he can do it. There is a lot of talent and a lot of youth.”

Courtois: “He has been very good. Like Miltiao. We are going to go into day 1 at full strength. The dynamic is very good throughout the team.”

Kroos: “No one is worried: neither the club, nor Toni nor me. Their future is secondary now. Only the Champions League matters. Nothing else.”

Gler: “We are very fond of him. He is the youngest. He has a gift. The ball is in love with Arda Gler. It is clear.”

Bellingham: “We ask him to play a little further back. He is more comfortable there, he likes it better. He doesn’t like to play so high up. He has more defensive quality than Vinicius and Rodrygo.”

Carvajal: “It has nothing, just a stomp”

Kroos Ballon d’Or: “I would like him to win it. He’s not going to win it… or is he. If he wins the Euro Cup, and Germany with Kroos can do it, the League and Champions League can fight it.”

Lunin: “Everything is very clear between us. One game is going to be played by Lunin and the other by Courtois. It’s a great fact to have so many clean sheets. A big part of the team’s success is in that.”

His best League: “Without a doubt the best I have experienced as a coach. We are in a cloud, but the most important game remains.”

Chill out: “I’m going to rest, like the players. The final is here. This week we have to rest. Then we will increase the physical load somewhat and the next week it will be more tactical.”

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