They plan a mega gas project in Sinsacate

They plan a mega gas project in Sinsacate
They plan a mega gas project in Sinsacate

The Mayor of Sinsacate Carlos Ciprián gathered the residents and businessmen of the town and presented them with a gas project that would allow connection to some 2,400 lots of real estate developments and a dozen industries.

The plan includes a section of approximately 720 meters in length, in Ø76mm steel pipe, which will connect the existing branches executed to supply the GNC Trecont SA and Serviventas SRL; another stretch of 4 thousand meters parallel to National Route No. 9 (East shoulder).

To carry out this new work, the municipality must have a series of conditions and provide land according to the demands of Ecogas (Distribuidora Gas del Centro SA). The municipality already has it.

About twenty real estate developers and businessmen were present at the meeting where the Secretaries of the Treasury, Contador José Luis Villafañe, and of the Government, Horacio Tessino, also participated, as well as Dr. José Luis Gonzáles, legal advisor of the municipality, and Mr. Damián Saavedra, member of the Infrastructure Directorate of the Government of Córdoba.

The parties involved agreed to move forward in providing a framework for a figure that brings them together in order to advance the project for the purposes of a million-dollar investment with public and private funds that will benefit them.

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