The Government will present protection to stop the rise in gas

The Government will present protection to stop the rise in gas
The Government will present protection to stop the rise in gas

The decision was announced on social networks by the Governor. Melella did not rule out that she could advance a joint presentation with the other Patagonian provinces.


Governor Gustavo Melella announced yesterday that the Province is “going to present in the coming days an injunction in order to suspend the national measure of excessive increase in gas,” he did not even rule out the feasibility of the judicial presentation being made in conjunction with the rest of the Patagonian leaders. In this way, the measure already adopted by the president of the Province of Santa Cruz will be replicated, who through his State Prosecutor presented before the Federal Court of Caleta Olivia a collective protection in which he requests that it be declared unconstitutional, null and void. and inapplicability of the Resolution of the Ministry of Energy that established the new prices of natural gas at the Point of Entry to the Transportation System (PIST) and of the Enargas Resolution that contains the new tariff tables to be paid by Santacruceños, as They “do not respect the principles of gradualness or reasonableness.”

In a message spread on social networks, Melella indicated that “these increases that we are seeing cannot be addressed and we have to stop this.” He added that “the Patagonians have climatic conditions that must be considered” so “just as I did when I was mayor of Río Grande (in March 2016 during the Macri government), today from the provincial government I will continue defending the interests of our province” and within that framework he announced that “in the coming days we are going to present an injunction in order to suspend this national measure of excessive increase in gas.” “We are going through a complex economic reality that affects our businesses; SMEs; sports clubs; cultural centers; NGOs. Therefore, the excessive increases in services directly affect the pocket of every Fuegian man and woman,” she noted.

Melella also recalled that “in recent years we made large investments in energy matters; gas networks; connectivity; and the gas pipeline that is being developed, which directly benefit the Fuegians” and “indirectly the Camuzzi Gas company also benefited and at no time invested in these works”, so “we are analyzing from the Ministry of Energy alternatives that allow us to generate a real recovery of these investments so that the company Camuzzi Gas del Sur, provider of the service, economically compensates the province for these investments that we made.”

In January of this year, the National Gas Regulatory Entity held a public hearing in which the adequacy of the gas rate and its update mechanism were analyzed. At the beginning of last April, the new tariff schedule that ENARGAS authorized Camuzzi Gas del Sur for the service it provides in the Province to residential, commercial and industrial users came into force, which, depending on the category of user, contemplates an increase ranging from 350 to more than 1000%. It was expected that the cost of the service faced by users would suffer another significant increase, since from this month of May until September the seasonal adjustment in the price of gas was to be applied. At the end of last week to “consolidate the disinflation process carried out by the Government”, the Ministry of Economy of the Nation considered “reasonable and prudent to postpone in the month of May the effective application of the updates”, both the aforementioned the automatic monthly increase due to inflation such as that referred to the seasonal price of gas.

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