The increase in gas worries local bakers and gastronomics

The increase in gas worries local bakers and gastronomics
The increase in gas worries local bakers and gastronomics

Representatives of the commercial sector of the bakeries and restaurants in San Francisco expressed their concern about the abrupt increase in gas and electricity rates that are seriously affecting their businesses.

Pablo Molli, representative of Las Cañitas and the entire group of local bakery merchants, explained the difficult situation they are facing.

He noted that the end of the SME subsidy, combined with the recent increase in rates in February and March, generated a huge increase in gas and electricity bills.

The local businessman pointed out »The bakeries, some merchants and also gastronomic ones, since we are sectors that depend on each other, I would say that the majority, reported increases of 1000% from one month to the next. “We knew that difficult increases were coming, as had happened years ago, but we did not expect them to be as abrupt as those we are experiencing this month.”

Strong impact of the increase in gas on shops, bakeries and restaurants

The sudden increase led businessmen to rethink your commercial strategies and consider increases in the prices of your products to cope with rising costs. However, also They expressed concern about the impact this will have on their customers’ pockets.especially at a time where purchasing power remains low.

«At first we talked a lot among colleagues because we didn’t know whether to touch the prices or not. First we choose to waitwhen we saw that prices seemed to adjust and that the price of flour, our raw material, did not have an excessive increase, we left the prices as they were. That situation became unsustainable but due to the increase in services, of light and gas, not of the materials with which we produce. Now it is completely impossible for us to maintain frozen prices so that San Francisco and the area buy from us,” the representative stressed.

Bread increases in San Francisco: how prices are since Monday

He also added: “From our place we are going to continue making efforts so that this blow is not so abrupt because we want the bread to continue reaching everyone. It seems to me that it is a very basic food, which should not be so different in price, and more so in these times when winter arrives«.

He also highlighted the importance of seeking solutions at the national level to address this problem comprehensively.

«It is known that in Argentina we have experienced this many times, it always surprises us because even if one says ‘we have all experienced it’, those things always fall like new. In this case, There have always been increases but never in a service in a similar way. It’s going to be hard«Paul stressed.

The situation raised by San Francisco business owners reflects the difficulties faced by many businesses across the country due to disproportionate increases in utility rates. Despite the challenges, they are determined to find solutions and move forward with optimism.

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