In April, Tesla prices were higher month-over-month but lower year-over-year

Tesla posted larger-than-average ATP (average transaction price) increases month-over-month in April, but its prices were lower year-over-year, Kelley Blue Book reports.

April saw Tesla post a month-over-month ATP increase of 5.7% compared to March, but the EV giant’s prices were lower year-over-year by 3.3%, according to EV transaction price data from Kelley Blue Book’s newly released April Average Transaction Price report.

Tesla prices have been a key driver of volatile price dynamics in both the luxury and EV markets because it’s the highest-volume seller in both segments. Tesla prices plummeted from $62,269 in January 2023 to $50,099 in December 2023, a decline of 19.5%.

EV transaction prices in April were essentially flat compared to March – up roughly 0.1% – at $55,252, an increase of only $75 from the previous month. Year-over-year, the average transaction price for an EV was down 8.5%, thanks in part to price pressure on EVs driven by slowing sales, healthy inventory, and more competition.

EV incentive packages remain well above the industry average, in many cases more than 15-20% of the average transaction price.

Some popular EVs posted significant year-over-year price reductions in April – Ford F-150 Lightning’s transaction prices were down 23%, Ford Mustang Mach-e’s were down 15%, Tesla Model Ys were down 12%, and Hyundai Ioniq 6s were down 10%.

However, most EVs presently transact for prices lower than a year ago by approximately 4-5%.

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