How much does the Treasury take from Óscar Díaz’s millionaire pot in Pasapalabra?

With the H: who gets half of the money in the pot Pass word. Yeah, Tax authorities. The 1,816,000 euros which Óscar Díaz won this Wednesday after completing the Rosco de Pass word they are not really 1,828,000 euros. The prizes are taxed and a good part of them, especially those for television, go to the State coffers.

Óscar Díaz is from Madrid, with what he pays in Madrid -the amount taken to the Treasury It depends on each Autonomous Community. The winner therefore keeps approximately one million euros. That is to say, the Treasury takes the pick, but of course, the pick 1,816,000 euros It’s a lot of peak.

In Madrid the amount that must be paid to Tax authorities for a television prize corresponds to 43.5% of the total prize. Therefore, the money that Oscar Diaz will have to pay to the Treasury is exactly 789,960 euros. Come on, he has a million and a little left.

The money received by winners of television contests It is considered a capital gain that is taxed in personal income tax within the general income tables. When it comes to cash prizes, the money is added to the rest of the contestant’s income. This money will be taxed at the general rates of the Personal income tax whose tables establish the percentages depending on the amount of the prize.

To begin with, all television cash prizes include a personal income tax withholding of the 19%. As clarified by experts in the taxation of television awards, “the company that awards the award will pay of the winner that 19% withholding in the Tax Agency“. This means that the winner of two million euros in a television contest would have to pay 19% taxes to the Treasury, that is, 400,000 euros”.

Then, when making the declaration, the contestant must pay the remaining percentage, depending on the amount of the prize and the autonomous community in which it is taxed. The tables are updated every year, although predictably what you will have to pay Oscar Diaz It is 43.5%.

In the case of Oscar Diazif you pay it in the Madrid’s community, where he resides, must pay the Treasury 43.5% of the total of 1,816,000. 22.5% corresponds to the state quota and 21% to that established in the Community of Madrid for the section in question.

Furthermore, it must be taken into account that during the 157 programs that Óscar Díaz has been competing in Pass word and in those who achieved victory after victory, more than 89,400 euros of accumulated prize money, this amount is not taken by program rules. According to the regulations of the Antena 3 contest, that money is eliminated once you have won the pot, so you do not receive anything from it, because you only take it if you are eliminated before getting The Rosco.

In short, the Treasury usually takes almost half of the television prize money. A fact that many contestants have revealed whenever they have won one of these awards, also revealing the great differences between the autonomous communities.

The most famous case today is probably that of The Wolvesthe winners of the largest jackpot in the history of television in Boom!. Erundino Alonso, Manuel Zapata, Valentín Ferrero and Alberto Sanfrutos they got a prize of 6,689,700 euros. According to the calculations of the Treasury technicians’ union, 44.4% of the prize awarded to Erundino, who lived in Guadalajara, went to the Tax Agency, while his colleague Manu, who lived in Navarra, had to pay 50.8%. Alberto (Jaén) and Valentín (Alicante), for their part, 46.6% and 47.3% respectively.

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