The Petroleros Argentinos primary school celebrated its 50 years of life –

Under the motto “The children of this land took its sap to magnify and inhabit it,” the educational community of the institution celebrated its 50th anniversary, shared its history and its outstanding commitment to education.

This Friday, the 1-579 Petroleros Argentinos school, located in the SUPE neighborhood of Godoy Cruz, together with the educational community, celebrated its 50 years of life in an event that was attended by the Mayor of Godoy Cruz, Diego Costarelli; the director of Municipal Education and Labor Training, Daniela Orellana; the General Technical Inspector of the DGE, Pablo Sasso; the Central Regional Technical Inspector, Flavia Estela Gatto; sectional inspector No. 11, Gabriela Guidarelli; the inspector Section No. 5 Initial Level, Ileana Márquez; the inspector section No. 9 of Music and Theater; María de los Ángeles Zucarello; the sectional inspector No. 2 of Physical Education, Cecilia Monti; the inspector Section No. 2 of Visual Arts, Cecilia José; directors of the council of section No. 11; directors, teaching and non-teaching staff, families, students and alumni.

The educational community enjoyed an emotional celebration where the protocol ceremony began with the entry of the ceremonial flags of the school and the invited educational institutions: schools No. 1-580 Doctor Carlos Padín; N° 1-714 City of Brasilia and N° 4-072 Federico García Lorca, with the intonation of the Argentine National Anthem performed by the Mendoza Police Music Band “Cabo 1º Gustavo Ramet”, conducted by Mauricio Salazar.

Next, authorities from the General Directorate of Schools and the municipality of Godoy Cruz presented a plaque to the director Marcela Rizzo, helping to ensure that the tribute of this anniversary remains forever in the memory of the educational community.

Marcela Rizzo, expressed that “we are in the commemoration of fifty years of history, of effort and dedication on the part of the entire educational community, following the legacy of our ancestors and enriching our land with wisdom and love, where we have seen talent flourish. and the creativity of generations of students who have taken the sap of this land to enrich it and make it their own. In this sense, a priority is the agreements and alliances that we build with families to get involved with the institution and in this way accompany their children in their school careers, who are the main protagonists and pillars of this story,” concluded the director.

The General Technical Inspector of the DGE, Pablo Sasso, conveyed the greetings of the governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, and the Minister of Education, Culture, Children and General Directorate of Schools, Tadeo García Zalazar, “We congratulate the entire educational community for these 50 years of educational trajectory, born on May 23, 1973, and since that date, they have been guaranteeing the right to education for boys and girls, towards quality education for all,” Sasso highlighted.

He also added “being a participant in the 50th anniversary of the Petroleros Argentinos school in a beautiful celebration accompanied by the entire educational community, it was very nice to observe the families with their children, whose presence is fundamental for the school, in addition to the alumni , directors and teachers in which his time at the institution generated a significant moment upon returning to his beloved home, his second home.”

“I congratulate the management team for the institutional organization and all the teachers with their students who valued the importance of the date, teamwork and welcomed us with their open doors. Happy anniversary dear Petroleros Argentinos school, on that path that you have carried out since its beginnings, with commitment, responsibility and professionalism, providing an inclusive quality educational service, with participation and equity, always thinking about the well-being of the students in the area and the department”, concluded the general technical inspector of the DGE.

For his part, Diego Costarelli, mayor of Godoy Cruz, highlighted that “we celebrated the 50 years of the Petroleros Argentinos school in an emotional event together with families, teachers, directors and students, a beautiful spectacle that allowed us to explore the history of this school. institution from its origins to today, being a space of containment and vital education for hundreds of children from Godoy Cruz that accompanies the growth and development from the smallest to the largest,” the official concluded.

Artistic Moment

The educational community first enjoyed a musical ensemble by the Mendoza Police Music Band, who performed a patriotic malambo and the traditional happy birthday. Next, the students from initial level to seventh grade offered a beautiful artistic exhibition that told the story from the arrival of the colonizers to these lands, how that area of ​​Godoy Cruz and the school were shaped from its origins to what which is today. On this occasion, the little ones dazzled with their grace, expression and joy at being part of such a significant celebration, who received applause from everyone present.

Then at the closing, the authorities of the establishment invited those present to tour an exhibition about the history of the school and enjoy a warm entertainment prepared by the team of directors, teachers and the students’ families, who attended to everyone with great care. love.

Historical review

School No. 1-579 Petroleros Argentinos is inserted in the heart of the SUPE neighborhood, on Sunchales and Huarpes de Godoy Cruz streets. It was created by Resolution No. 552 on May 23, 1973, where the creation of a primary school is resolved. day shift which is assigned number 72. In said resolution, the organization of the classrooms was established, which would have kindergarten, primary, music and Physical Education rooms. Currently, it has an enrollment of 249 students, distributed in nine rooms, which include primary level classrooms, two initial level rooms and the areas of physical education, music and theater, visual arts and computing. In addition, it provides a cafeteria for boys and girls who attend to strengthen their school trajectories and promotes equal opportunities in different areas.

It should be noted that the event to celebrate the 50 years of the institution’s life was organized taking into account the name of the Petroleros Argentinos school, and based on the neighborhood community, which was created for families who worked at YPF in a desert space. with native flora and fauna, so the elements of nature earth, wind, water and the first inhabitants were invoked so that with the help of Mother Earth they could modify the aridity of the land and turn it into a warm place to house the local families.

A log is shared below that invites you to take a tour and learn part of the history of these 50 years of the Petroleros Argentinos de Godoy Cruz school.

Source: DGE Press

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