Silvia Fuentes responded to complaints about the lack of gas in schools

Silvia Fuentes responded to complaints about the lack of gas in schools
Silvia Fuentes responded to complaints about the lack of gas in schools

The Minister of Education of San Juan, Silvia Fuentes, referred to the complaints of parents of students who attend schools without connection to natural gas. This problem currently affects 16 educational institutions in Greater San Juan, according to Ángel Domijan, director of the San Juan Gas Network.

Faced with this situation, Minister Fuentes declared: “We are only five months into our inauguration, we are with the Minister of Water and Energy, Fernando Perea, working day by day, side by side. Most schools have a construction company working on the gas connections. In those cases where a problem has arisen recently, from infrastructure we are assigning personnel to resolve the problems immediately.”

Fuentes also pointed out that they are facing difficulties because many of the companies responsible for gas connections depend on Mendoza. “Until we have the corresponding inspections from them, we cannot continue. It is one of the obstacles we have now, but the minister is very busy with that issue,” he explained.

Days ago, Domijan confirmed to HUARPE DIARY about the problems facing the province’s schools, since there are 16 schools in Greater San Juan that are without natural gas. Given this scenario, the director explained that they are working to reconnect the service in these schools and that works are also being planned in more distant apartment buildings to ensure that they are in adequate conditions before the arrival of winter.

The lack of gas in schools is a critical issue that affects both the well-being of students and the operation of educational institutions. The authorities assure that they are taking the necessary measures to resolve this problem and guarantee an adequate environment for the educational development of the students of San Juan.

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