The Government analyzes postponing the electricity and gas increases during the winter

The Government analyzes postponing the electricity and gas increases during the winter
The Government analyzes postponing the electricity and gas increases during the winter

The national government is considering the possibility of freezing electricity and gas rates during next winter with the aim of keeping inflation low.placing it around 4 or 5% monthly.

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This measure, Still in the definition phase, it aims to prevent the increase in electricity and gas consumption and costs during the winter season from negatively impacting citizens’ pockets.

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, has already implemented some actions in this direction, such as maintaining the April PIST gas price, avoiding the application of the new seasonal price (PEST) of energy and not applying the rate indexation formula.

These measures, together with the non-publication of the new tariff tables in the Official Gazette, seek to make the freezing of tariffs viable. The main objective is to deepen the slowdown in inflation, which in April was once again in single digits (8.8%).

However, the decision generated criticism and concerns. The main concern is the impact this measure would have on subsidies, which would have to increase considerably to make up the difference.

From the government, they reject criticism that describes the measure as “Kirchnerist”, in reference to the rate freezing policy that lasted for more than a decade.

They argue that important adjustments were already granted in February for electricity and in April for gas, in some cases even higher than what the companies requested.

The final decision on freezing rates has not yet been made and is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. The government will need to carefully evaluate the benefits and risks of this measure before implementing it.

Freezing electricity and gas rates is a strategy that the government is considering to alleviate the economic burden on citizens. in the winter.

The measure, although still being studied, aims to keep the cost of living under control in a context of decreasing inflation.

The preliminary actions taken by Minister Caputo are a clear indication of the direction in which this policy is heading, although the official announcement is still missing.

In short, the government finds itself at a crossroads: on the one hand, it seeks to protect citizens from increasing rates at a critical time of the year; On the other hand, it must consider the economic implications of an increase in subsidies.

The final decision, which is still in the deliberation process, will be crucial for the economy and the well-being of the population in the coming months.

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