the numbers that reflect the drama of living in settlements of La Plata

the numbers that reflect the drama of living in settlements of La Plata
the numbers that reflect the drama of living in settlements of La Plata

The data were known within the framework of the sixth installment of the Integration and Development Indicator of Greater La Plata carried out by the Socioeconomic Observatory of the UCALP and exposes the impact of poor living conditions on childhood, , education, youth and older adults.

The details about the situation in the settlements

The report reflects that six out of ten settlements do not have a drinking water supply, nine out of ten do not have sewers and eight out of ten do not have a connection to the gas network. In addition, half of the people suffer from the presence of polluting sources and 70% have elements prone to the reproduction of dengue and dogs on the street, which can be transmitters of diseases.

In terms of education, statistics show that half of the children have a school more than ten blocks away. At the same time, seven out of ten do not have a secure connection to electrical energy and alone six out of ten have a stable Internet connection.

Poverty (1).jpg

The UCALP report indicates that poverty in Greater La Plata is double and destitution is triple that of 2016.

On the other hand, the UCALP survey reveals that, of every ten families that live in settlements, five have businesses within the neighborhood and six must walk more than ten blocks to find a bus stop.

The situation in the settlements of the region is so alarming that 60% do not have paved interior streets, 70% do not have sidewalks and half of the people have to travel more than ten blocks to be treated in a health room.

In Greater La Plata there are 409,000 poor people

Part of the data that UCALP uses to prepare its reports, such as poverty, was taken from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) and is valid until the second half of 2023. 933,000 people live in Greater La Plata and 409,000 are poor, that is, 43% of the population is in that situation.

The numbers reflect an overwhelming reality. There are 409,401 people in poverty and 232,500 live in 262 precarious neighborhoods or settlements. Of the latter, there are 30,061 who are under 9 years old and 35,361 are between 10 and 18.

Megatoma Land grab Los Hornos boxes housing crisis habitat urbanism (4).jpg

The Los Hornos megatake is the largest settlement in the entire region.

The so-called Los Hornos megashot The region is by far the largest, with 160 hectares in which 2,600 families lived until the time the study was carried out.

The report also reveals that the number of settlements in La Plata and the region is the largest in the Buenos Aires province and is equivalent to the same amount that the entire province of Córdoba has.

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