The painful loss of Laura Pamplona, ​​from ‘No one lives here’, with the death of her sister in a fire

The painful loss of Laura Pamplona, ​​from ‘No one lives here’, with the death of her sister in a fire
The painful loss of Laura Pamplona, ​​from ‘No one lives here’, with the death of her sister in a fire

The great Laura Pamplona She won the public’s affection by playing Alice in ‘No one lives here’. This aspiring actress, somewhat haughty and passionate about fleeting one-night loves, shared a rental apartment with Belén, although she was the last one who paid Doña Concha every month. As we already revealed to you on one occasion, Laura came to share scenes with her mother in real life, Amparo Pamplona, ​​who gave life to Alicia’s mother in an episode of fiction.

What few know, or no longer remember, is that both Laura and Amparo faced a heartbreaking family tragedy at the end of the eighties. Specifically, in the early morning of July 4, 1989. Date on which the ‘ANHQV’ performer was a 15-year-old teenager and her mother was a renowned actress in Spain.

As ‘El País’ published at the time, a fire broke out in the room Aitana Gonsalves Pamplona, the 10-year-old daughter of Amparo and Alberto Gonsalves, after a short circuit occurred in the fan in her bedroom. The outcome was devastating.

The girl was trapped in her room and was found by the fire team lifeless. For her part, Amparo and Alberto were treated by the Red Cross Burn Center with several burns on their bodies, and Laura, like her dog, was unharmed.

Such was the impact that the fire had on the actress’s home, which was located at 118 Príncipe de Vergara Street, which affected both the upper and lower homes. In addition, a neighbor from the block revealed to ‘El País’ that Aitana was always “a real charm”: “They took Amparo in a car and she couldn’t stop screaming asking about his daughter“recalled the owner.

Laura Pamplona, ​​currently

Several decades have passed since this terrible episode, yes, but both actresses have it tattooed on their skin. So much so that Amparo expressed in her book ‘The Stars Always Remain,’ which she wrote during the time she was retired from acting after the loss of her daughter, that she “My life broke in the early morning of July 3 to 4, 1989.“.

As far as Laura is concerned, after her time at the Desengaño 21 building, we have enjoyed her on screen in some successful projects such as ‘The Mysteries of Laura’, ‘The One That Comes’ or ‘An Absolutely Normal Family’, and It is currently broadcast on Antena 3 ‘The Turkish Passion’a series starring Maggie Civantos and where Pamplona gets into the shoes of Rosario.

Photo | Antenna 3

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