CABASE Internet Day began

CABASE Internet Day began
CABASE Internet Day began

The event takes place in the Buenos Aires Convention Center, and if the inauguration had the word of Ariel Graizer from CABASE, who anticipated two days of collective enrichment with businessmen and authorities. Always with the objective that Argentina can enter the knowledge and development economy. In addition, he said that it is an industry event for the industry, to pose one’s own challenges.

Graizer He took the opportunity to especially highlight the repeal of Decree 690 among the changes that are being made in terms of regulation in Argentina. This point is related to the possibility of building the necessary infrastructure to provide digital services as in the most developed countries in the world.

‘We are an industry of industries. Our chamber is willing to receive all the changes and we are willing to invest, beyond the heavy tax burden. The agenda we propose is known and we are willing to work with the authorities so that things go well for them and for all of us.’

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