Javier Milei evaluates freezing electricity and gas rates for the entire investment

Javier Milei evaluates freezing electricity and gas rates for the entire investment
Javier Milei evaluates freezing electricity and gas rates for the entire investment

The Government is analyzing keeping electricity and gas rates frozen throughout the winter, with the aim of maintaining the inflation controlled. The plan of Luis Caputo is to avoid a new impact on the pockets, because it considers that it has the fiscal margin to do so.

In this way, bills would not increase in the coming months, as already happened in May. This possibility was consulted with the presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorniwho confided that it is something that is in the pipeline.

The Government analyzes postponing increases in electricity and gas rates

According to what he said Adornithe decision of postponing the increases in electricity and gas is because the fiscal results They are better than expected.

We haven’t made any determination yet, but it can happen“said the presidential spokesperson when asked about it during his daily press conference at the Government House.

“The shock public spending cut we made to balance the accounts had faster results than expected“said Adorni, who highlighted that “when you have a fiscal surplus you can dose how the weight (of the adjustments) should fall on certain sectors of society and not put a sword on their necks.”

“We have not made any determination yet but it may happen that With a fiscal surplus we can adjust some issues and accommodate so that there is effectively no additional burden on the people“added Adorni.

The Government analyzes freezing electricity and gas rates throughout the winter

During his presentation before the CICyP last Wednesday, President Javier Milei admitted that in the first months of his government the adjustment had been “overreacted” due to the inherited situation. A series of pending increases were scheduled for the coming months that will now be postponed again.

Luis Caputo’s message about electricity and gas rates

Days ago, the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, ordered the suspension of the second update of electricity and gas rates scheduled for May, with the aim of avoiding an impact on inflation. This decision was made official through a letter addressed to the Secretary of Energy, Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo, known since April 30 but subject to the administrative procedures necessary for its implementation.

The communication states: “In order to consolidate the disinflation process carried out by the Government, verified to date, it is reasonable and prudent to postpone in the month of May the effective application of the updates provided in the resolutions of the regulatory entities and the increases in the PEST corresponding to electrical energy and the PIST in the gas”.

If these uploads have not been suspended, the users of a home N1 (high income) would have experienced a 77% increase in the wholesale price of energy. In the case of gas, for example, a residential user in segment 1 (high income) would have gone from paying US$2.79 per million BTU to US$4.49 in April.

According to official sources, it is a “suspension of the monthly adjustment that was going to be reflected in the new tariff tables that ENRE and ENARGAS were to publish. “This seeks to lighten the burden on the middle class and prioritize the deflation process.”

With this measure, the Government seeks to demonstrate that the price index remains in a deceleration process and is close to meeting its single-digit goal. The head of the Treasury Palace expressed through his X account: “We are comfortable fiscally, we prioritize lowering inflation and not burdening the middle class with more expenses, for the moment”.

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