Sam Smith celebrates his birthday at Tecate Emblema

Among the darkness of the stage, a piano began to play, from the audience it was impossible to distinguish where the sounds of the keys were coming from, three notes sounded and then a long silence, then the audience took over the moment with a desperate scream, they wanted to see Sam Smith go out on stage.

Three more notes, and then the lights came on, from a giant statue in the shape of a human body lying on the stage, Sam Smith rose, completely dressed in black, with a hat that covered half his face and only showed his mustache and a bit of his confident smile.

Then the drums boom ta, boom ta! They merged with the shouts of emotion, the jumps of the public, the tears and the laughter of seeing the British man there again in Mexiconow in the Tecate Emblem.

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Sam Smith. Photo: by Gabriel Pano. The universal

“I guess it’s true

I guess it’s true

I’m not good at a one night stand

I’m not good at a one night stand

But I still need love

But I still need love,” Sam said along with the 59,000 festival-goers, who from that moment accompanied him singing his first song “Stay with me” to the end.

As if it were a hymn they know, everyone knew which phrase to emphasize, at what moment to lower their voice, at what moment to force their throat, the audience received Sam, and this, like in his concert in 2023 at the Palace of the Sports He was once again surprised by the love of the capital’s residents.

“Hello Mexico City this is incredible, how are you tonight okay? Honestly, I was just in Mexico City last year, and I can say with certainty that this is the best place I have ever visited, they have given me one of the best shows I have ever given in my life, thank you for your support, thank you for being here,” said Smith, who like several of her fans, also seemed to be holding back tears, and with her chin retracted, she looked tenderly at her people.

Sam Smith. Photo: by Gabriel Pano. The universal

With slow steps, timid greetings, few movements, only those necessary, the Londoner continued with his show, sometimes with a fearful expression, but when it came to singing he did it with such ease that he seemed not to make an effort to do so.

The ease made it seem like he was playing with each phrase, with each verse and melody, so much so that his group of backup singers laughed when he saw it, with such ease in interpreting, and that the audience was, without much effort, completely involved in each song.

Sam Smith. Photo: by Gabriel Pano. The universal

Sam Smith. Photo: by Gabriel Pano. The universal

“Mexico is midnight, it’s time to enjoy, let’s sing and enjoy, plus it’s my birthday in two days so it’s great to celebrate with you tonight, so let’s enjoy this great moment together,” shared Sam and the audience. He seemed to not believe the coincidence.

And in the middle of the international day against homophobia and transphobia, Sam decided to endorse his conviction, changing his black suit for a corset and gloves with flowered lace, high-heeled boots, he suddenly lost his shyness and took over more and more of the audience, the stage, and of himself.

The rain came, but it was not enough to prevent the public from staying, and Sam Smith will not wear light outfits, which will show his skin and hair all over his body.

In complicity, the audience and singer reached the end of the presentation with “Unholy”, to close the first day of the Tecate Emblema festival, which although with a reduced attendance compared to other festivals, found its strength in its loyal audience and a poster to tone with the name of the event.

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