Will consumers benefit from flour price drop?

Will consumers benefit from flour price drop?
Will consumers benefit from flour price drop?

Letters to the Editor

4 Hours ago

-Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: I read that Nutrimix has dropped its flour prices by as much as 17 per cent. Wow! This points out is due to the declining cost of wheat. So, will consumers benefit from the decreases?

I also read that wheat prices were on the decline since 2023, but I don’t recall seeing a decline in flour-based products at all. The irony of this is that once there is an increase in raw materials, transportation, etc., the public is quickly notified that prices will increase.

However, I do hope that all our large and small outfits that use flour in abundance will do the right thing, holding to a proper standard and ethics, and giving the consumer what is rightly due.

In these tough times every cent counts for thousands of people in the country.

So, I welcome the move by Nutrimix and look forward to seeing our flour-based products decrease in price in the near future. The food business and consumption are a two-way street, with benefits that must go both ways when things take place to make this happen.

I conclude with this: it is not just about the doubles vendor, who seems to always be the target. There are many other businesses that use flour in large amounts. Don’t forget our tasty dumplings, fry bakes, pies, etc.


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