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Learn what are the best ways to have the latest version of WhatsApp Gold on your cell phone safely and for free in simple steps.

How to download and activate WhatsApp gold mode on my cell phone: tips to have the Gold version.

WhatsApp is considered one of the most used applications worldwide due to the large number of functions that it offers, but this would not be possible without the support it receives in its constant updates. To the surprise of many, it is possible to change the interface completely for another color and turn it into WhatsApp Gold. Do you want to know how to do it? I share with you the best tips that I wish I had known before.

There are thousands of users looking to change the colors of WhatsApp to leave behind the typical green of the Meta application. Although this can be done, it is important to keep in mind that devices with Android operating systems have a certain advantage. There are two ways to obtain WhatsApp gold mode and below we are going to explain how to make it possible with the best tips that maybe you didn’t know.

How to activate WhatsApp gold mode?

It is very simple, but keep in mind that you will have to follow these instructions to avoid suffering inconveniences. WhatsApp in gold mode can be obtained through a APK or also through the app Nova Launcherwhich will only modify the application logo quickly and safely.

Download WhatsApp Plus on Android

This is one of the most popular ways on Android cell phones and in addition to being able to change it to gold mode, there are also other versions that allow you to have red mode, green mode, among others. Yes, you must download the APK from a secure link to avoid having bugs.

The importance of the latest version

By downloading the most updated version of WhatsApp Plus, you must keep in mind that you ensure that your account is not banned. By having a discontinued version, Your account could be in danger of being suspended for an indefinite period of time by Meta. This happens because it is an APK and not an official application from the company.

The correct configuration

Once you have downloaded the APK, you must accept all the corresponding WhatsApp Plus permissions to be able to choose “Gold Mode” from the settings and then in the settings of the same application. Here you can choose from the hundreds of themes they have available, but in this case it will be gold.

Make a backup

If you do not want to lose all the information you shared in your individual or group chats, you must perform a security backup and then transfer the information from your photos, contacts and more to the APK you installed. This way, you won’t lose anything you’ve sent or received.

Nova Launcher is always an alternative

If you don’t want to install any APK, but you still want to change the WhatsApp logo for a different one, you can do it from Nova Launcher. This application allows you to modify the logo for free and safely. You must download a PNG image and then press and hold the WhatsApp logo for a couple of seconds. Click on “Edit” to place the image and that’s it. Now you can enjoy WhatsApp golden mode.

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