Xavi Albert’s words after Valencia Basket’s defeat in the first playoff game

Xavi Albert He appeared at a press conference after Valencia Basket’s defeat in the first game of the series that pits the Taronja team against UCAM Murcia.

These were the words of Xavi Albert:

«It was a game in which it was difficult for us to get into rhythm from the start. The surprise or not of attacking an area because it is an initial approach that can make you not get into rhythm, we have had shots and have more or less success but you always prepare a tactical solution depending on the area. Yes, at the beginning we did not find success in the shots that we could create but with the development of the game I do not think it ended up being differential. We ended up scoring 86 points and I think there are more things to focus on in the game. In a very improvable defensive work, without being able to control their offensive references such as Sleva, Radebaugh or even Kurucs who in moments when the team got closer have managed to score shots of great merit but which is not important for what we have to put in. focus.

To be a first playoff game at our home we have to have greater defensive intensity. Not dwelling on whether they have defended us in the zone or not in the zone, finishing a first quarter with only one foul making the second at the end or without fouls in the first half conceding 50 points. We would be wrong if we only thought about how to improve offensively and not look at the defense. And demand much greater responsibility to face the next game and each mini-battle as if it were key to the game. From here we will see what needs to be improved and what physical situations need to be recovered. It is a short playoff series but we know that the battle expected on Wednesday will demand everything we have within us to be able to bring the series back to Valencia and demonstrate what we have not demonstrated today.

When I said that we were going day by day for this game, it was that we were going like this and for Wednesday we will go the same. With Jones, with Ojeleye who has had back spasms, with Davies… But I don’t waste a second in focusing on the physical because UCAM Murcia also has its own and here it is about closing the team with those who are physically better and have all the equipment available in the condition they are in. What needs to be improved? The defensive part but also the idea that you have to win each individual battle. Today we have had many clean 1vs1 situations that in moments of greater or lesser effectiveness we cannot afford. We have to be much more solid in the defensive 1vs1.

That 2-12 having problems and taking the good shots that we haven’t been able to score, certain moments. We are a team that has been solid in the last month but emotionally at times, when things don’t go our way, we lose focus somewhat. This is a defensive job that can put us in difficulties if they have 3 handlers on the track and not find the solidity to control the handler, but it is a little bit of everything. I start and I will always return from the first day I became responsible for the team that the basics are usually the solution to everything. The 1vs1 work, the pressure, that moment when the player faces you ahead. “As each person does the basics better, we will find better sensations whatever the technical situation.”

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