Licorera de Tolima releases the pink liquor again, this is how you can purchase it

With an event that brought together businessmen and distributors, the liquor returns to the market due to its great initial reception – Tolima Government credit

The Tolima Pink Spirit has been relaunched on the market, as announced by the Tolima Liquor Factory and the Government of Tolima. This spirit, with an alcoholic content of 24 degrees, available since December 2023 as a seasonal product, was marketed again due to high demand and public acceptance.

The new management under the direction of Victoria Castillo, with the support of Governor Adriana Magali Matiz, decided to establish brandy as a fixed product. Castillo and Matiz thus responded to the initial success, when 19,680 units were sold upon its reported Sup.

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The relaunch event brought together local businessmen, distributors of Tapa Roja and Rosé Spirits, and representatives of large commercial chains, all committed to the development of the market and support for the factory.

This was said by the Government of Tolima on its Facebook account – credit Facebook

Currently, Tolima Pink Spirit is available in supermarkets, department stores and liquor stores in the department. This product seeks to be part of the experiences of those who appreciate traditions and good liquor.

and it is that Licores Tolimenses launched on December 18, 2023 in TolimaColombia, the Pink Aguardiente, entering into direct competition with the popular Yellow Aguardiente, at the time and marking an innovation in the regional alcoholic beverage market.

The new product features a distinctive pink color and seeks to attract a younger audience and explore new consumer trends. With the introduction of Aguardiente Rosado, Licores Tolimenses hopes to diversify its portfolio, standing out in a market saturated by traditional varieties.

The Tolima Pink Spirit will have a value between 40,000 and 45,000 pesos - credit social networks
The Tolima Pink Spirit will have a value between 40,000 and 45,000 pesos – credit social networks

The general manager of Licores Tolimenses indicated that the product was developed after market research that indicated a growing demand for drinks with fruity and less abrasive flavor profiles. Besides, An extensive marketing campaign was carried out to position the new drink in bars and clubs in different Colombian cities..

“We know that this market trend has generated a lot of expectation, and we hope that it is to the liking of all Tolimenses. We made a tribute to Tolima with our tree, the ocobo, which blooms twice a year with a quite elegant bottle, and a drink with a very particular color. In addition, it is a mild 24-degree spirit.“, stated the company manager, Franz Bedoya, to El Cronista, at the end of 2023.

According to industry data, Licores Tolimenses has experienced constant growth in sales over the past few years, in part thanks to innovation and adaptation to changing consumer preferences. The Pink Spirit will use the same distillation techniques as their other products, but with the addition of natural ingredients to achieve its unique color and flavor.

“We did a tasting process and the characterization has notes that are not strong, That is why the flavor has its sweet touch, special for certain palates. The industry and the local market became complicated due to the conditions of the economy and the competition that arrived, which obviously affects”Declared Franz Bedoya to El Olfacto, in 2023.

Dayro Moreno celebrates a peculiar gift for his dedication to sport: a bottle of Pink Spirits

Colombian striker Dayro Moreno could not hide his joy at a particular gift he received in recognition of his discipline, reported Infobae on May 16, 2024. The soccer player, known for his extensive career in Colombian and international soccer, was surprised by the gift during an event in Colombia.

Dayro Moreno smiled when he noticed the bottle of liquor - credit Social networks
Dayro Moreno smiled when he noticed the bottle of liquor – credit Social networks

According to the media, the gift was made within the framework of a ceremony organized to highlight the dedication and perseverance of the player. Dayro Moreno, who has played for teams such as Atlético Nacional, Once Caldas and Tijuana, was the center of attention when receiving the peculiar present that highlighted his commitment to sport.

During the ceremony, tribute was paid to Moreno’s discipline and determination, qualities that have led him to be one of the most prolific forwards in the country. Dark, who has been key in multiple victories and has left his mark in several tournaments, was visibly excited. “It is a gesture that motivates me to continue working hard,” said the footballer during the event..

The recognition comes at a notable moment in the career of Dayro Moreno, who has been in professional soccer for more than two decades. His career includes titles and goals in both national and international leagues, which makes him a reference for younger generations of athletes.

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