Tamil Nadu Government: Take over the Manjolai tea estate, TTV urges govt | Chennai News

Tamil Nadu Government: Take over the Manjolai tea estate, TTV urges govt | Chennai News
Tamil Nadu Government: Take over the Manjolai tea estate, TTV urges govt | Chennai News
Chennai: AMMK chief TTV Dhinakaran has demanded that Tamil Nadu govt take control of the Manjolai tea estate in Tirunelveli district as the century-old lease of the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited was set to expire. In a statement on Saturday, Dhinakaran cited reports of workers associated with the estate for generations being forced out of it. “It is very painful that the workers staying and working for long in the midst of oppression and exploitation have been forced to become refugees with no means of livelihood,” he said. Dhinakaran added that despite the passing of 25 years since the tragic incident where 17 people drowned in the Thamirabarani river following a police lathicharge on workers protesting for better wages, the current scenario indicated that the livelihood of the tea plantation workers had not seen any improvement at all.Dhinakaran demanded that the govt acquire the Manjolai estate, similar to estates of state-agency, TANTEA, in the Nilgiris and Coimbatore districts, to safeguard livelihood and employment of hundreds of workers who have no skills other than plucking tea leaves.

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