Black Boy Makes a Man’s Day with Just One Dollar

Black Boy Makes a Man’s Day with Just One Dollar
Black Boy Makes a Man’s Day with Just One Dollar
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Sometimes acts of kindness are so pure, we mistake them for something else out of suspicion. This nearly happened to Matt Busbice, a 42-year-old Baton Rouge resident and successful multi-business owner.

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Busbice awning CBS News that last month something happened to him that would stick with him forever: One early morning, the blaring sounds of a firearm alarm had him jumping out of bed, throwing on whatever was closest in range and headed for the steps of the condo building.

However, upon doing it downstairs, he discovered it was a false alarm. Since he was already up, he told reporters he decided to go to a nearby coffee shop for a cup of coffee, despite being dressed in mixed-matched clothes. Before going inside the shop, the businessman realized the fire alarm disrupted his morning routine for prayer.

Busbice awning C.B.S. As he took himself the patio corner to pray, he noticed a kid walking toward him with a clenched fist. He thought lil’ man was about to start beef with him but the boy didn’t want any smoke.

Kelvin Ellis Jr., the 9-year-old boy, believed Busbice was homeless. Ellis opened his palm to offer him a dollar.

“I always wanted to help a homeless person, and I finally had the opportunity,” Ellis told C.B.S..

What makes this even sweeter was that Ellis received the dollar in reward for good grades. Busbice not only got him a snack from the coffee shop in response to this random act of kindness but also offered him a 40-second shopping spree at the sporting goods store he owned. Ellis walked away with a new bike and more goodies that would make a 9-year-old smile.

“I haven’t had that much faith in humanity in a very long time,” Busbice told CBS News.

Following their Black boy joy moment, Mr. Busbice vowed to stay connected to young Ellis.

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