Meteorite is captured illuminating Spain and Portugal

Meteorite is captured illuminating Spain and Portugal
Meteorite is captured illuminating Spain and Portugal

The events of the universe are again present in the world. On April 8, a solar eclipse brought together hundreds of people to appreciate this long-awaited moment, and on May 10, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, for its acronym in English) reported that the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) warned of the presence of a solar stormand with it the presence of Aurora borealis.

On this occasion, a new sighting surprised in Europe, mainly in cities of Spain and Portugal. Some people who were on board a car and from some other points witnessed and recorded the moment in which a meteorite lit up the sky in the Iberian Peninsula this May 18th.

The meteorite was captured passing at approximately 12:41 in the morning and for a few seconds it gave a light show to those who were able to witness it.

This is how the meteorite was seen in the sky in Europe

What is a meteorite and how is it formed?

According to National Geographic, a meteorite is a space object “of a size that varies between grains of dust up to several kilometers”, which enters “into a planet foreign to the place where they were formed and reaches its surface after surviving its “pass through the atmosphere.”

A publication in Global Revista of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) states that, as explained by Antonio Lazcano Araujo, professor emeritus of the Faculty of Sciences, “meteorites, the vast majority of which are remnants of nebulae from which the meteorites were formed, planets, provide us with information about the chemical processes on Earth before the appearance of life.”

“Meteorites are fundamental pieces to understand the conditions in which the solar system was formed; In addition, they have possibly contributed to the origin of life, as carriers of water and organic and inorganic compounds,” mentions another publication in the same magazine from the highest house of studies.

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