Trump warns his followers that gun rights are at stake in November

Trump warns his followers that gun rights are at stake in November
Trump warns his followers that gun rights are at stake in November

in a lighting speech before a crowd in annual convention of the National Rifle Association (NRAin English), the former president and presumed Republican candidate in the elections of November, donald trump (2017-2021), stated that the right contribute Firearms It’s in danger and asked his followers to go to the polls in November to protect him.

The Republican leader assured that the Second Amendment of the Constitution American, which protects gun ownership, is at stake in the elections and presented itself as the only candidate capable of preserving it.

The survival of our Second Amendment is undoubtedly at stake in the election. They want to destroy our country. The Second Amendment is under siege, but they won’t get it with me. We need that Second Amendment, for our safety, for hunting, and for all those things. Because the bad guys are not going to give up their weapons,” he said.

Trump used the speech to enthuse some of his most loyal supporters, asking them not to stay home and go to the polls in November.

We have to get those who have guns to vote. I don’t know why, but for some reason they don’t usually vote. Maybe it’s some form of rebellion because they are rebellious people. But, let’s be rebels and vote this time,” Trump asked them, who will be officially proclaimed as the Republican Party candidate at the convention of that political force in July.

During his speech, Trump harshly attacked the US president, Democrat Joe Biden, with whom he will face again in November, as well as against Robert F. Kennedy Jr.., independent candidate who could take votes away from both.

The NRA, one of the most powerful pressure groups in the country, has supported Trump’s candidacy, whom it already helped with $30 million during the 2016 elections.

The arms lobby has praised many of the measures Trump promoted during his Presidency, such as the appointment of three conservative judges to the Supreme Court or the designation of gun stores as essential businesses during the pandemic.

Biden’s promises

In contrast, Biden managed to pass in Congress in 2022 with the support of Democrats and Republicans the most important gun control law in the last three decades and has promised that he will try to ban assault rifles if his party achieves a victory in the elections. .

Before Trump gave his speech, US Vice President Kamala Harris, who champions the Government’s efforts to end gun violence, issued a harsh statement against him.

Harris recalled some statements that Trump made this year after a school shooting in Iowa. At the time, the former president said that it was a “very terrible” incident, but then he assured that we had to “get over” the shootings and “look forward.” ”.

Biden and I have sat down with grieving families, and the idea of ​​telling them to ‘get over it’ is unacceptable. “Joe Biden and I are working together to find common sense solutions to this national epidemic, because we believe that Americans have the right to live free from the horror of gun violence,” Harris said, according to the campaign in a statement.

Americans support greater controls

Meanwhile, polls show that a majority of the American population supports greater gun control.

In fact, according to an October 2023 Gallup poll, only 12 percent of Americans believe gun laws should be looser, while 56 percent say they should be stricter and 31 percent say they should be stricter. They should stay as they are for now.

The NRA convention comes shortly after its executive director of three decades, Wayne LaPierreresigned in January, a month before a jury found him guilty in a corruption case related to the misuse of organization funds.

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