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Camuzzi’s Institutional Relations Manager, Rodrigo Espinosa, explained what the current increases in the gas rate are and defended the updating of the values.

“Since April, new tariff tables have been in force. Each of the components that make up the invoice has had adjustments. The invoice is the tool through which the entire energy chain remunerates its activity,” he assured and added: “When one breaks down an invoice, 90% of an invoice is the cost of gas and only 5% is left for Camuzzi.”

The representative of the gas distributor stated that “there are several elements that intersect,” and explained: “One has to do with consumption: The higher the consumption, the higher the rate. Users are categorized according to category. Depending on the consumption that occurs month to month, that category fluctuates. If I am in higher categories, I pay a higher price.”

Added to this is that “the national State determined that a categorization based on income and not consumption must come into force.”

“The bills that users paid were extremely low. When we see the analyzes of some users, pre-increase and with high purchasing power, they were having bills of $2,700 pesos,” he said.

“Knowing that there is a component linked to consumption and another to the socioeconomic level of the home, this is put into view. The greatest situation occurs in upper class residential areas. The lower class was not touched and the middle class was given a portion of the subsidy,” said Camuzzi’s representative.

Espinosa also assured that “The Cold Zone is still fully in force”and that the users of the municipalities reached “pay 50% of what that bill amounts to.”

Regarding the freezes announced in recent days, he explained: «When these rate tables emerged in April, it was announced that there would be adjustments in winter and monthly updates for companies. “That is all suspended and the April values ​​continue to apply.”

As an example, he made a parallel with the increases in the value of gasoline: “Month to month there are fluctuations in the price. It hurts at first, but then we get used to it. Due to decisions beyond Camuzzi and of all political stripes, it was decided to freeze rates. When that happens, the jump that must be made is more painful.”

Regarding the international cost of gas, he explained that “these tariff tables that apply in Argentina contemplate that the gas molecule has a value close to 2.90 dollars. In the world, that is worth 13 dollars. Argentina does not produce what it needs to consume, it is around 85%. There is 15% that must be bought in winter and at world value.”

Espinosa understood that “It is neither healthy nor healthy to maintain frozen rates, because the user suffers the bounce; or because the energy infrastructure is damaged.”

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