TODAY Diary | Peña in Taiwan: “Paraguayans are capable of achieving anything”

President Santiago Peña held a meeting with the outgoing president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, whose management he highlighted along with the achievements obtained in recent years, the result of the friendly relationship between both nations.

The President of the Republic and the outgoing President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) they kept a bilateral meetingan occasion in which both made a review of the years of relationship and the great benefits that both nations obtained.

“It is a pleasure for me, representing the Republic of Paraguay, to arrive today in the sister nation of the Republic of China, Taiwan. The beginning of a government period is always the opportunity to renew the commitment to freedom and democracy”said Santiago Peña when speaking with Tsai Ing-wen.

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The president emphasized that Paraguay has established itself as “a firm friend for 66 years.””, so this official visit for the inauguration of the president-elect is a display to “honor the freedom and democracy of the people of Taiwan and to accompany this beginning of a new presidential period.”

The Paraguayan people and I come to pay tribute to you, to say ‘thank you very much’“, stated Peña, while highlighting the legacy left by the 8 years in which Tsai Ing-wen held the presidency of the Asian nation.

In that sense, he highlighted the trade balance numbers and the countless projects that have been carried out under his mandate, which – according to his expressions – are barely “the testimony of the love and affection he has had with the people of Paraguay.”

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Peña made a special mention of The education and highlighted the opportunity they have had hundreds of young people over the past few years traveling to Taiwan to studyin addition to emphasizing the creation of the Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University (UPTP) and the promotion of various training programs for young Paraguayans.

The head of state He reiterated his gratitude to the outgoing presidentmaking clear the permanent commitment of our country to Taiwan and one eternal gratitude to Tsai Ing-wen. “Paraguay has a lot to thank Taiwan because we are convinced that Diversity and difficulty are fundamental elements for a people that wants to progresswho is determined to overcome any challenge that is put in front of him,” he said.

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