Rescue Board fights large forest fire in Kukruse | news

Rescue Board fights large forest fire in Kukruse | news
Rescue Board fights large forest fire in Kukruse | news

The recent warm spell has led to tinder-dry conditions in Estonia’s forests, and firefighters have been busy combating the first major brushfire of the year, near the village of Kukruse, Ida-Viru County.

The Rescue Board (Päästeamet) reminds the public that: “If you notice any smoke, start with extinguishing the source, and call 112 immediately if assistance is needed.”

“Large tree branches bundled together can help extinguish the fire,” the board went on, regarding initial steps.

In the latest case and likely one of the first in summer, the emergency center (Häirekeskus) was notified of smoke spotted in the area around Kukruse, Toila Rural Municipality, a little after 3 pm Saturday, whose source turned out to be a fairly fiercely burning area of ​​forest and brush.

Rescue Board personnel fought the blaze through the evening, halting at night and on Sunday, although the smoldering area, of around five hectares, is being monitored and full firefighting efforts are set to resume this morning, Monday.

Firefighters from the Iisaku, Jõhvi, Kiviõli, Kohtla-Järve, Kunda, Rakvere, Narva, and Sillamäe brigades have been joined by volunteer firefighters (Päästeliit) from Mäetaguse and Purtse in fighting the blaze.

The Rescue Board stresses that due to the recent warm and dry conditions, there is a high fire risk across Estonia, meaning the public should exercise caution when in the forest and other wilderness areas.

The Rescue Board reminds the public that open flames and pyrotechnics are prohibited in forests, as well as discarding cigarette butts and items made of glass.

Finland has also seen a spate of extensive brush fires, up to as far north as Tervola, in Lapland, Yle reports.

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