Two Zijin Continental Gold officials were injured in an attack at the Buriticá mine, Antioquia

Two Zijin Continental Gold officials were injured in an attack at the Buriticá mine, Antioquia
Two Zijin Continental Gold officials were injured in an attack at the Buriticá mine, Antioquia

Disputes over the illicit extraction of gold on property of the Zijin Continental Gold once again generated disturbances to public order in the municipality of Buriticá, Western Antioquia.

And in the last few hours, illegal miners have tried to violently take over a ramp of this project using false calls for help to attract the attention of officials and thus attack them with firearms and explosives, as indicated by the police in a statement.

As a result of this type of actions, in the most recent events, the company’s Explosives supervisor was injured in the shoulder. “who managed to remove a pump cylinder connected to a direct action system.” In turn, “the Physical Security supervisor, who came to his support, was also hit on the right side of the abdomen. “Both were transferred to a care center by APH,” according to the report.

In addition to the cylinder that contained shrapnel and fragments of metal mesh, there were also found 16 non-electric detonators, three kilos of Anfo and 20 cartridges of indugel plus AP. There is concern among the authorities about the frequency of violent events in this area, as indicated by the mayor of Buriticá, José Luis Rodríguez.

It is something that has been happening for a long time and has been brought to the attention of all authorities and is a very recurring issue. We will meet because all the different reports have been presented, all the competent authorities They have the knowledge. “It’s something that’s been happening very, very often,” she said.

To this problem in matter of security adds to the complaints of sludge dumping, apparently by the same multinational, in some sinkholes that currently have two miners trapped.

Although the Police assure that such a situation is not occurring in the area, Rubén Darío Gómez, secretary of the National Confederation of Miners of Colombia, invited the protocols to be activated that allow these people to be extracted.

We hope the protocol is activated agreed years ago when it comes to this very particular situation and also that the table created by decree be convened 010 of 2012 have an important element for the agreement of the conflicts that are experienced in the municipality,” said the union leader.

During 2024 alone, almost 2,300 improvised explosive devices and more than one hundred thousand detonations with explosives inside the mines in which there would even be the presence of armed groups, according to the authorities.

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