The 5 new Google Maps functions essential for traveling (or getting to know your city better)

The 5 new Google Maps functions essential for traveling (or getting to know your city better)
The 5 new Google Maps functions essential for traveling (or getting to know your city better)
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The Google maps application has become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. We use it constantly to see how long it will take us to reach our destination, to see if we have chosen the best route, or simply to discover nearby places or restaurants.

Last week we attended Pichai’s company’s largest event, Google I/O, in which important new features were presented, also for Google Maps. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, The application will now be more than just a tool, becoming a personalized tour guide.


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Pablo Rey

More natural questions

Thanks to the AI ​​integration, you will be able to talk directly to the application, just like we do with ChatGPT. That is to say, there is no more thinking about keywords to find what we are looking for: ‘ATM’, ‘restaurant’, etc. Now we can ask natural questions like: ‘where can I eat?‘, or ‘places with a nearby vintage atmosphere’.

The AI ​​will be able to interpret the question and respond in an accurate and detailed manner, using all the information that the application can access, such as business details, photos, comments or reviews, to give the best results.

Augmented reality

Another function, which we will see more and more applications, is ‘live view’. By clicking on the camera icon we will have a direct image of our surroundings, as if we were going to take a photograph, but the application will add to what we see all the available information. It is a kind of ‘what am I seeing?’, which can help us know precisely where we are, what premises we have in front of us, or guide us with much more precision through the streets of any city.

Immersive view

It is a three-dimensional, photorealistic view, generated by AI with all the information available in the application. In this way we can get a much closer idea of ​​what the interior of that place we want to go to will be like.. It will also provide much more detailed information in real time, such as weather forecasts or the number of people in an area.


Now you can add, in addition to words, images to search. In the following video we can see how the user uses the photograph of a cake to ask the application, then, “Where can I eat this near me?”

Smart recommendations

Thanks to AI we will be able to ask the application more abstract questions, such as ask you to recommend activities for a rainy day. Artificial intelligence will give us recommendations such as comedy shows or cinemas near our location.

These new Google Maps functions are essential when traveling, since they will give us much more detailed and accurate information than what they have done so far. We do not need to search the comments for the information we are looking for about a restaurant, for example, since We can ask the application directly and it will give us the answer.

On the other hand, the application is not only essential for traveling, but also We will be able to get to know better those hidden places or new cafes in our city that we have not yet visited.

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