“The only thing I know about Iran is that they tried to kill me”

“The only thing I know about Iran is that they tried to kill me”
“The only thing I know about Iran is that they tried to kill me”


The writer Salman Ruhsdievisiting Spain to present his new novel ‘Knife‘(Random House), has assured after himdeath of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisiwho knows “nothing” about this Asian country except that they tried to kill him, alluding to the fatwa issued against him by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989.

almost two years ago, Rushdie was attacked by Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old man armed with a knife, during a conference in upstate New York. After the assault, the writer ended up with damage to his liver and hands, in addition to losing his right eye in a recovery process that he also narrates in the book.

Although he explained in a meeting with the press that this attack responded to the profile of a ‘lone wolf’ – the US authorities do not consider any other way -, The ‘fatwa’ that weighed on the author of ‘The Satanic Verses’ has always been behind itlaunched from the Iranian country.

Rushdie has spoken briefly about Raisi’s death, stating that he has been a “hard line” man in his policies and “it does not seem that whoever replaces him is going to be a liberal.” Furthermore, he added that this is “a dangerous time” for artists around the world and “not just because of religious fanaticism.”

In China or Russia, for example, it is not a good time for writers either.. The danger is everywhere and sometimes it is due to political reasons and other times to religious reasons,” lamented the British writer, who nevertheless expressed himself “surprised” by the “wave of fanaticism” around religion today. from today.


For Rushdie, the current situation was “something that could not be seen” when at the end of the 70s, with feminist revolutions and emerging civil movements, everything indicated that “the world was getting better.” “It is surprising, because then religion was not a topic that was talked about: it seemed impossible for it to return to the forefront and again we were wrong.”he has criticized.

In this sense, Ruhsdie – who has had strong security measures in each of his public appearances – has reflected on the role of social networks in society, capable of “creating group thinking” even in apparently isolated people, such as his attacker.

Twitter and YouTube generate masses, Tik Tok seems more innocent at the moment and Facebook is for older people and does not have that power. But now things are moving at a meteoric speed,” he stressed, recalling how His attacker spent four years before the attack “absorbed in a basement” with social networks.


“He had an isolated life, what was he doing in that basement? I’m sure he played ‘Call of Duty’, where you can kill 1,000 people at once.“, Rushdie has allowed himself to joke, who has also stated that one of the reasons for writing ‘Cuchillo’ was to understand how a person with no criminal record can “go from zero to a hundred” to wanting to kill a person whom he does not know. knows nothing.

The British writer has also revealed how before the publication of ‘Cuchillo’, his attacker’s lawyer asked for the text to read, something which Rushdie refused. “We send him for a walk. Pay the 25 dollars when it is published and this way you can help me pay the rent“, he ironized.

The author has been defined as “a medical miracle” after his prompt recovery after serious injuries, and, despite the “intense trauma” of the first days, admits not having gone through a harsh post-traumatic syndrome. “Someone who experiences these types of events usually replays in their mind what happened and flashes back to them: I don’t have any of that. My psychologist told me that I don’t have any of that because I’m a tough guy,” he concluded. .

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