Tourist providers warn that natural gas bills “put the winter season in check”

Tourist providers warn that natural gas bills “put the winter season in check”
Tourist providers warn that natural gas bills “put the winter season in check”

From the Chamber of Tourism of El Bolsón they confirmed “the presentation of a judicial protection to avoid this excessive and compulsive increase of more than 1000 percent”, while the Secretary of Tourism, Nicolás Ditschensky, anticipated that “we had telephone calls where they communicated the possibility of closure of some cabin complexes. We are mainly concerned because in the short term the winter season starts and we have expectations that many people will arrive.”

In detail, the official announced that “from the municipality we are going to follow up on the claims because the arrival of the new service bills will complicate the price of accommodation. They reflect excessive increases for natural gas and energy, above 1000 percent. Beyond the fact that we know it has to come, the issue is the form. It would have to be a little more progressive, because our town at this time does not have a flow of tourists,” he reflected.

Regarding the efforts underway, Ditschensky specified that “they are going along two parallel paths: both before the national government and towards the companies that provide the services,” while remarking that “this has nothing to do with a political issue, it does have It has to do with a matter of common sense for our merchants. And I think we all have to be together, because times are getting shorter and logically we have to be prepared.”

After indicating that “the bills that arrived with an increase expire today,” he asked tourism providers “not to become desperate,” although he acknowledged that “it is not easy, because a gas bill of 35 thousand pesos went to 500 thousand pesos.”


In turn, the spokesperson for the Chamber of Tourism, Mónica Milohanich, described the situation as “worrying because there are establishments that have already warned that with these rates they directly have to close. The increases in gas bills that are being received are totally disproportionate and range from 1,000 to 1,600%, added to the increases that have already been received in electricity bills.”

He added that “the local situation is even more complex, because we are in the low season and with a very complex national framework and recession, with little economic activity, a situation that also impacts us.”

He gave as an example the reality of a family industrial complex, “where last month we received an invoice for 100,000 pesos and in April it cost 1,100,000 pesos,” while asking “that there be proportionality and reasonableness in the application of increases. One is not unaware that we must update the rates, but this is totally excessive, outside of all logic.”

Consequently, he pointed out that “the alternative is through judicial means and we are asking for the support of different business chambers and the entities that bring them together to file an appeal for protection at the national level. We need their teams of lawyers to provide us because the local chambers do not have the capacity to cover the cost of an amparo.”

However, he acknowledged that “the federations already intervened in January, when these rates were approved and they already had the refusal. It appears that the position on the part of the Executive Branch is clear: sustain these increases.”

He also stated that “with these values, El Bolsón directly sees its winter season jeopardized, in addition to the number of jobs that are going to be lost.”

However, he stressed that “there are still 30 days after the invoice expires to avoid receiving a cut in service. In that time we have to raise the protection, at least we are going to try.”

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