Is it true that Arturo Prat practiced spiritualism?

This May 21 marks the Day of Naval Glories, which brings to mind the story of Arturo Prat, the hero of the Navy.

This May 21 marks the Day of Naval Glories, which brings to mind the name of a historical figure of our country: Arturo Prat.

On Channel 13’s morning show, Tu Día, they broke down part of the secret and personal history of the Navy hero.

One of the questions that was asked to the historian Cristóbal García-Huidobro on the morning of Channel 13 was regarding a practice that on several occasions has been linked to Arturo Prat: Is it true that you practiced spiritualism?

It is the belief that, through a medium or other means, humans can communicate with spirits. According to the historian, It is true, Arturo Prat practiced spiritualism.

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Of course, we must put it in context: in that epoch and in the stratum socioeconomic to which the historic national figure belonged, that practice was common.

“In the 1870s it was very common to find spiritualist sessions in high-class familiesin Santiago, Concepción, Valparaíso,” commented the historian on the morning of Channel 13.

Although there were those who considered themselves mediumsthe people who did this activity did not need that connection to carry out the practice.

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“They could also practice it, without needing a medium. They would get together, usually at a round table and with chairs. They would begin to try to summon the spirits and to give them a sign that they were there,” added Cristóbal García-Huidobro in the morning.

Why did Arturo Prat practice spiritualism?

The national hero came to this practice thanks to his wifeWho else he became a spiritualist.

Arturo Prat

The reason why they both started doing that activity was the death of his daughter.

The couple was trying to find a way to connect with the spirit of his daughter, who died at a time when infant mortality “was not rare”according to the historian.

It is painful. “It draws attention to how they tried to build a bridge,” XXX closed.

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