all the AI ​​and AR that will come to the app

all the AI ​​and AR that will come to the app
all the AI ​​and AR that will come to the app

Unless Apple proves otherwise at the upcoming WWDC 2024 and despite the recent improvements to Apple Maps, Google has just dealt them a blow with its homologous app. And, beyond Android 15 and the artificial intelligence news that will come exclusively to Google’s own ecosystem, Google I/O was announced in the past big news for Google Maps which will also end up reaching the iPhone.

These are new developments that revolve around two natural evolutions for an application like this. On the one hand, in the area of augmented reality, already present for years and which will improve significantly. On the other hand, what is trending and is providing great functions throughout the industry: the artificial intelligence.

From chatting with AI to finding building information in real time

One of the first and great details announced by Google for its maps application is search with generative artificial intelligence. would become a chatbot with natural language, but adapted to the theme. This means that it will not be aimed at such widespread use as that of ChatGPT or Google’s own Gemini chat, but rather it will be adapted to the situation of Google Maps.

The idea is to have a much simpler and even faster way to find places. Not just a concrete direction, but something more abstract and at the same time profound. For example, instead of simply searching for “restaurant,” we can search for “1920s-themed restaurants that serve vegan burgers.” Based on this, we will be shown results from nearby places that comply with this.

Google AI will provide results based on information from 250 million places and more than 300 million user reviews

Additional to the before, there will also be smart suggestions on Google Maps according to the requests we make to the AI. For example, if we are on a rainy day, but we do not want to stop visiting a city, we can ask him to give us a tourist tour of that city taking into account the weather and based on this, plans will be proposed to us that will keep us safe.


On the other hand, there will be a major push to immersive viewing which was already announced a few months ago and which will allow you to virtually visit certain places with a photorealistic view accompanied by convenient information such as the opening hours and the greatest crowds of the place and even data on the temperature that it will be at the time we go to visit it.

Also New points of interest are added with Merli’s Immersive Adventure, which is even more advanced than the previous one and will serve to discover certain points of interest over time. For example, the Expo of 1900 in Paris.

For now, it will only be for a select few.

For now, Most of these features will take time to reach all users. Artificial intelligence for searches is expected in the coming months, as it is currently limited to a few selected users in the United States.

I have tried this open source, ad-free and completely private Google Maps alternative. And I have reasons to use it every day

The same thing happens with the new immersive experience over time, which is no longer limited in users, but in places. It will begin arriving in the coming weeks in the form of early access to Paris and Singapore, with the expectation that in the following months and year they will reach more iconic places around the world.

Therefore, Spanish and iPhone users will still have to wait. However, it is expected that when they officially land they will be functions that completely change the experience of using the application, especially in the search engine area. This will thus be a crucial difference between Google Maps and Apple Maps, unless, as we said in the introduction, Apple greatly improves this application for iOS 18.

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