From Geisha to Netflix Star

From Geisha to Netflix Star
From Geisha to Netflix Star

Anita Alvarado, known as the Chilean Geisha, has captivated audiences with his fascinating life story. Now, the streaming giant Netflix has been interested in bringing his life to the big screen, and Alvarado has revealed all the details of this exciting production.

A Story Full of Sex, Drugs and White Slavery

According to Alvarado, the Netflix series will have everything: He has sex, drugs, white slavery, leaving his children. The former television personality assures that his life is so intriguing and complex that there is no other story like his, making it the perfect choice for a streaming series.

Choosing the Perfect Actresses

Alvarado has not sat idly by and has already considered some names of actresses who could play her in the series. Among her favorites is the actress Tamara Acosta, whom Alvarado considers the ideal option. However, he has also mentioned the renowned Julia Robertsalthough he admits that It’s very old for how young I am..

A Series in Two Seasons

The Netflix series about the life of Anita Alvarado will initially have 8 episodes, which will culminate with his return to Chile. However, Alvarado assures that there are more than 20 years of its history which could be used for a second season, which will undoubtedly keep viewers captivated.


Anita Alvarado’s story is a true rollercoaster of emotions, full of unexpected twists and moments that are sure to captivate the Netflix audience. With its mix of sex, drugs and white slavery, this series promises to be one of the most exciting and captivating that have been seen on the platform. Get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating life of the Chilean Geisha!

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