Student Day: Are there classes on Thursday, May 23? This is what the SEP calendar says

Student Day: Are there classes on Thursday, May 23? This is what the SEP calendar says
Student Day: Are there classes on Thursday, May 23? This is what the SEP calendar says

He 2023-2024 school year The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) has 190 working days of class, although there are also some that are mandatory rest days and even long weekends, but in the case ofl Student’s DaydoThere are classes on Thursday, May 23? We tell you what the SEP calendar for basic education schools (preschool, primary and secondary).

Each may 23 is celebrated on Student Daya date that has its origins in a student movement that achieved autonomy for the National University since 1929. The struggle of young people was recognized with a date to recognize childhoods, as well as young people, who carry out their work on campuses. of all country.

Are there classes on Thursday, May 23 for Student Day?

Basic education students will have classes next Thursday, May 23, when Student Day 2024 is commemorated, in accordance with what the SEP calendar indicates. This year, the educational authorities did not consider it a mandatory day of rest or a date for reflection on commemorative days.

Until now, the educational authorities of each state maintain classes for Thursday, May 23 and no last minute modifications have been made to the SEP calendar. Let us remember that just last week, on Wednesday, May 15, millions of students rested for Teacher’s Day.

What is the next bridge, according to the SEP calendar?

At the end of this month of May, the SEP basic education students will have a three day long weekendwhich will begin on Friday, May 31 and end on Sunday, June 2, to resume classes on Monday, June 3, in accordance with the provisions of the 2023-2024 school year calendar.

And why will they have Friday, May 31, off? That day the penultimate will be held technical advisory board the current 2023-2024 school year, in which the teachers and management staff of each school hold a meeting to discuss teaching and administrative issues.

It will be until Tuesday, July 16, when the 2023-2024 school year of the SEP concludes, the date on which millions of preschool, primary and secondary students will begin their Summer Vacation.

What is the origin of Student Day?

According to the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Student’s Day is celebrated on May 23 to remember the students of the now UNAM who achieved the autonomy of said institution, that in 1929 after a series of demonstrations and violent events.

Just the May 23, 1929, police from the then Federal District entered the Law School and attacked students who were carrying out a general strike in favor of autonomy. José Manuel Puig, who was the head of the DF Department (now head of Government), served as an intermediary between the university students and the then president Emilio Portes Gil.

On May 29, Emilio Portes Gil granted autonomy to the now UNAM and that is how the university mobilization ended. Since then, every May 23, Student Day is celebrated in Mexico… although this year there will be classes for millions of students.

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