Raimundo Cerda attacks Gala Caldirola off camera: Lima Limón

Raimundo Cerda attacks Gala Caldirola off camera: Lima Limón
Raimundo Cerda attacks Gala Caldirola off camera: Lima Limón

The reality show on Channel 13, Win or Serve has begun to be the scene of passions and conflicts these weeks on screen, and this time, the controversy arises after some revealing statements by Raimundo Cerda about his relationship with Gala Caldirola, which were not broadcast in the main broadcast of the program.

After weeks of flirting and a passionate first kiss that captured the attention of social media, it seems that Cerda is not looking for anything serious with the Spanish woman. In a private conversation with Fran Maira, the former Big Brother Chile participant expressed his unfiltered opinion about Caldirola.

I feel that this mine is very intense, I think it is better to have her as a friend.”, were Cerda’s words, unleashing a wave of reactions among viewers. Criticism of Cerda was immediate on social media, where Internet users condemned her comments towards the model.

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“Couldn’t he be a little more respectful? Always the same, speaking badly about women behind their backs,” said one user on Twitter. Additionally, others commented on Cerda’s alleged strategy to gain fame at the expense of relationships with well-known women on the show.

The situation becomes even more tense when it is revealed that Oriana Marzoli, Cerda’s friend, would be interested in him, but according to Francisca’s words, she would not be the one to take the first step. This love triangle promises to be the center of attention in the next episodes of Win or Serve.

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