NASA already has a silent supersonic plane ready

NASA already has a silent supersonic plane ready
NASA already has a silent supersonic plane ready

NASA has taken the next step toward verifying the airworthiness of its silent supersonic plane X-59 with the completion of an overhaul that will allow it to progress towards flight.

A flight readiness review board composed of independent experts from across NASA has completed a study of the X-59 project team’s approach to safety for the public and personnel during ground and flight testing.

The review board reviewed the potential hazard analysis conducted by the project team in detail, focusing on safety and risk identification, the agency said in a statement.

The readiness review is the first step in the flight approval process, something NASA plans to make a reality this year. The board’s work will provide the X-59 team with information and recommendations for ground and first flight systems verification.

A test for the planes of the future

NASA and the prime contractor Lockheed Martin They are developing the X-59 to reduce the noise from the sonic boom of these aircraft when they break the sound barrier. The plane is at the center of NASA’s Questst mission, which will use it to collect data that could revolutionize air travel, potentially paving the way for a new generation of commercial airliners that can travel faster than the speed of sound.

Commercial supersonic flights over land have been banned for more than 50 years due to the noise of sonic booms. Once the flight readiness review is completed, the next flight airworthiness review will be the next safety milestone.

The ship has already passed all safety tests successfully (NASA).

The Airworthiness and Flight Safety Review board includes senior leaders from several NASA centers and Lockheed Martin. You will review the findings from the flight preparation, as well as the project team’s response to those presentations. The board will send a recommendation to the director of NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, who signs the airworthiness certificate.

The Concorde was the fastest commercial airliner to fly on Earth (AP).

Finally, the team will provide a technical report to another review board based on the objectives of the testing, how the testing is being conducted, the risks involved, and the risk mitigation actions the team has taken.

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