The policy to prevent deaths from motorcycle accidents that the Indian government is trying to implement

Avoid died in a motorcycle accident. This has been one of the objectives of the Indian government for years, but to tell the truth, at the moment, it seems that they have not managed to tackle the problem efficiently. However, now they will try to apply a new and surprising regulation that affects all motorcycle users: “No helmet, no gas.”

This new initiative, covered under the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority Act, 2017, was introduced by the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges, Obaidul Quader, just a few days ago.

As we have learned from Ride Apart colleagues, Quader said: “We have witnessed numerous accidents before and after Eid (Muslim holiday to celebrate the Day of the Lamb). These incidents affect the entire population. “Motorcycles and autorickshaws (motorized version of the traditional rickshaw) are the main contributors to road deaths in our nation.”

And continues: “Autorickshaws typically carry seven to eight passengers, leading to mass casualties in accidents, while motorcycles also pose significant dangers. When accidents happen, everyone blames me, regardless of the circumstances. There is little scrutiny of the actions taken by the BRTA president; Instead, all the worries are directed towards me.”

Deaths from motorcycle accidents break record numbers every year

Taking into account that the number of deaths from motorcycle accidents rises to 30% of the total deaths recorded annually due to traffic accidents, it is acceptable that the Indian government tries to apply any measure to alleviate these alarming figures. At this point, one wonders: How will they manage to apply the law?

According to the local media Dhaka Tribune: “Police headquarters has directed police officers on the ground to implement the government’s ‘no helmet, no fuel’ policy to prevent road accidents. This came at the monthly crime review meeting held at the police headquarters on Thursday with Additional IGP (Crime and Operations) Md Atiqul Islam in the chair.”

Without a helmet, there is no gasoline. The policy to prevent deaths from motorcycle accidents that the Indian government is trying to implement

It is clear that reducing the number of deaths from motorcycle accidents in India will be an arduous task, but at least practical solutions to the problem are being sought. This initiative may seem somewhat harsh initially, but there is no doubt that sometimes strict laws must be applied, so that people become aware of the danger of riding a motorcycle without using a regulatory helmet.

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