Fatal crash on the Panamericana: why Sol Quirno’s husband was traveling in another car

In the midst of the commotion over the tragedy on the Panamericana, in which a woman and her ten-year-old daughter lost their lives, a chilling fact emerged regarding the accident, and that is that Sol Quirno’s husband was traveling in another car and saw how his family was trapped under the container. “Hello Pollo, Chino, team, good afternoon. “We are working precisely in what would be the vicinity where the vehicles involved in this fatal accident were transported.”started the Poco Correctos chronicler, from the scene of the events.

“Yesterday, at the worst hour, the worst scenario, because Belu had just said Panamericana at Pelliza height, km 15. Of course, although the vehicles, a large part of the vehicles involved, were heading north, it is the container that is obviously thrown from the truck ”the mobile company continued narrating. “A truck that was in the slow hand, which is hit by this 206 that I have parked here, practically ends up on this corner”he continued.

“I repeat, look at the trunk that hits the truck, the truck that destabilizes and crosses into the fast hand, and in that fast hand is where a Toyota Corolla becomes embedded under the truck”he added. “That is where the second episode occurs, which is when the container crosses the guardrail, detaches itself from the truck, the trailer, and falls on top of the Toyota Corolla that was going hand in hand to Capital, in the middle of rush hour, with this woman and her two little oneshe expanded on the matter.

Fatal crash on the Panamericana: why Sol Quirno’s husband was traveling in another car (Photo: eltrece)

“Obviously, both the woman behind the wheel and her ten-year-old daughter lost their lives at the moment. And the worst thing is that on that journey, Her husband was in another car.because they had obviously gone north in separate cars”he commented. “He was alone, in another vehicle, possibly very close to where the impact occurred. He is unharmed, his vehicle too, but he sees his family trapped under the container. Truly, a disaster.”he concluded.

Who were Sol Quirno and his ten-year-old daughter, the victims of the crash on the Panamericana

The brutal accident that occurred on the Panamericana near Vicente López on Sunday night continues to cause great shock, especially because the two fatal victims of the tragic crash. In Midday News They gave details of what happened and the identity of the deceased.

Sol Quirno is the 44-year-old woman who ran the Toyota Corolla on which the container of the truck that lost control fell after the risky maneuver of another car traveling north. The victim, who was returning to the City of Buenos Aires on the other hand, died instantly along with her 10-year-old daughter Camila, while Nicolás, her 12-year-old son, was miraculously saved from being crushed to death and remains hospitalized in observation.

Quirno was a distant relative of an official of the city ​​governmentthe Secretary of Finance Pablo Quirno, and was married to Federico, a well-known businessman who was not in the car at the time of the accident, but who arrived a few minutes after learning of the tragedy.

The victim worked in the real estate industry and was part of the family business Quirno Costa Propertieswith offices in the Buenos Aires downtown and in the Buenos Aires town of Ituzaingó.

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Who are the victims of the crash on the Panamericana: a family destroyed by the tragedy

A tragic accident in Pan-American Highway left at least three dead and several cars crushed, when a container detached from a truck and ended up in the opposite hand. The incident occurred at Pelliza Street, in Vicente López, and around 10 p.m.

“The driver was transported because he was beaten and in shock. He could be charged, since at least with the container did not meet the safety conditions necessary for circulationwhich caused it to turn to the other side,” explained the prosecutor in charge of the case, Gastón Larramendi.

“The three victims were traveling in the same car, a Toyota Corolla. A 12-year-old boy was taken by his father to another hospital on his own.. There was another minor in that car,” added the prosecutor. Furthermore, he confirmed in dialogue with TN that there are more victims trapped under the container that the truck was transporting.

“The cause will initially be classified as culpable homicide. Depending on the evidence we collect, the charges could be reclassified and responsibilities assigned, if any,” he clarified.

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